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The Playmaker: Route Running Dynamo

Updated: Jun 9

Noah Patell is a 14 year old WR out of Tampa, FL in the Class of 2028. He is already on many of the top FBS D1 program's watchlists. When I first saw him, admittingly, just like everyone else does when they first see him, before they actually watch him play, I too thought he doesn't pass the "eye test." And then I watched his film and my eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped wide open. 

The first thing that pops out on his film is his route running. He runs routes like a College Freshman, and he is still a 14 year old who is just about to enter 9th grade this coming Fall! I don't think I've ever seen a 14 year old WR stem and stack a Cornerback the way he does. This kid could get open in an elevator. His nickname should be "7/11" since he is always open! The next thing you will notice on his film are his hands. The kid flat out has magnets for hands that are coated in Krazy Glue! When you talk about a "DOG" that is Noah Patell. He violently fights for the ball when it is in the air, and he consistently wins double teams, over and over, again and again. He is an explosive human highlight reel with the ball in his hands in the open field. He has exceptional speed, elusiveness and quickness. The kid is flat out a cheat code! 

He was trained by a former NFL starter and Superbowl winner who instilled a confidence in him that has tremendously helped him take his game to the next level. If you watched him compete in all the invite only showcases he has been invited to, you will see him play after play, beat some of the best Cornerbacks in the United States, who several of them already have FBS D1 offers! 


When I asked Noah what was the one thing he worked the hardest on between two seasons ago, and this past season, he said "really focusing on catching the ball with my hands instead of with my body." One thing he said to me that absolutely blew me away was "I know that I have accomplished absolutely nothing yet. All that matters is what I do in high school. I am going to do whatever it takes in the weightroom and on the practice field, as well as learning the playbook so I can earn playing time." Yes, he used the word "EARN!" He then added "I am fully aware that high school is a completely different animal, however I won't let anything stop me from achieving my dream."

He recently attended the USF Mega Camp and he was put into a group that was all Class of 2027/2028 players. He jogged away from that group and went with the 2025/2026 group. He said "I knew may of those players were 4-5 years older than me, much bigger, much stronger, much faster and just flat out better than me, but that is what I wanted. Iron sharpens iron. When I get shut down it only adds fuel to the fire that burns deep down inside of me. If I get shut down, I'm coming right back again." 

Like many other players, Noah has dealt with much adversity in his life, and he laughs and said he was the butt of many jokes. He said he never paid attention to any of that, and all the trash talk actually just made him giggle. He said all of that too just even further motivated him even more. 

 He definitely plays with a chip on his shoulder. He said "My absolute favorite quote of all time is "People say I got lucky, but the harder I trained, the luckier I got." Noah's dream is to someday receive an actual FBS D1 Scholarship through the mail, or through an email. Noah's work ethic and competitiveness is what truly separates him from most players, and I fully believe he will be getting many FBS D1 Scholarships mailed or emailed to him once he finishes 10th grade. 

This is a train that is already on the move, gaining more and more steam as each day passes. This kid is destined for big things. Everyone better get on board now, as Noah will only get taller, get stronger, get faster and put on weight. I am very happy that I came across this young man's film and someday, those that have watched him actually play tackle, 7v7 or just train, will all look back and say "we knew way back then how truly special he was." When people say someone is "built different" that too is 100% Noah. How many kids do you know who drop down and do ten pushups when they drop a pass while training, all on their own, with no coach yelling at them to drop down and push ten? Exactly. 

This past season, coaches have absolutely taken notice of him. He was invited to play in The US Army All-American 8th Grade Game, the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl, FBU Top Gun, NXGN, Under Armour, the National Middle School Showcase, VTO, EA TOP 100 Showcase, National Prep Showcase, the Polynesian Bowl National Combine, the East Coast Elite National Combine, the Dream All American Bowl, the Shock Doctor/NCSA National Junior Showcase, and the All American Scouting Showcase.

Give him a follow on Twitter Noahpatell2028 (he told me everyone spells his last name wrong, because it has two L's in it!) Lol! He started posting on Twitter about 3 weeks ago and he already has over 180,000 impressions and is being followed by a who's who of former and current NFL starters, former and current FBS D1 starters and most of the top 4 and 5 star current high school players in the Classes of 2025 and 2026...not too shabby for a kid who doesn't even start 9th grade for a few months yet! Give him a follow on Instagram as well at 6_noah_wr


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