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The Playmaker: Owning the Field

Tre People (@TrePeople) a 6’2 200 , c/o 25 from Norco High School CA, is an All-around QB with a high

IQ and amazing work ethic. Seeing the whole field Tre can thread the needle with the pass on a string

hitting his receirvers without them breaking stride. With a beautiful touch whether it's the over the

shoulder, the long bomb or fitting the passes into tight winds Tre gets it done in style. What I love most

is that Tre reads and reacts to the defense down field yet adjusts to the pass rush very well,

understanding when to pull it down and scrabble. He is elusive with timing and mental toughness to

keep plays alive for the best production.

With a 151 QBR, Tre went 113/150 1941 yards for a blistering 75% completion rate, 23 touchdowns and

only 2 interceptions last season. He also added 26 carries for 272 yards and a touchdown.

Tre's biggest Improvement since last season was his ability to create outside of the pocket. This

development was clearly seen over and over as he would scrabble while keeping his eyes down field and

extending plays. Tre received inspiration last season playing alongside his cousin Shakir Collins

(@tar19_C), a talented LB attending Houston Christian University in the fall. Tre explained how watching

Shakir, he learned how to be a better football player and leader and how it helped his growth

tremendously. Tre continues to improve on his mechanics, overall QB experience on and off the field

and his love for football drives him to prove doubters wrong. Tre is also used to dealing with adversity, a

trait he learned from his father who served in the military and uses moments of doubt or frustration to

further build his character.

Coaches can expect Tre to be a leader that will lead by example both on and off the field, focusing on

doing whatever the team needs for them to win.  My assessment is that Tre is certainly a solid D1 talent

that will excel wherever he decides to commit.


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