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The Pancake King of the Offensive Line: Flattening the Competition

Camden Goforth @camden_goforth , 6'4 , 283 c/o 26 of McMinn Co High School TN is an absolute destroyer from his offensive line position. He gave up 0 sacks on his side of the field this season. Camden physically overpowers anyone that lines up before him with the mindset and drive to raise the bar ever play. Challenges himself to always raise the bar with a high degree of intensity every single time. 5.79 pancakes a game. In 7 games Camden has 40.5 pancakes total and what's incredible is in 3 of those games the starters didn't play 4 quarters. And in two games Camden had 12 or more pancakes. Several games Camden had played where he blocked the defender backwards for 10 or more yards and then pancaked them. Camden"s biggest improvement was his strength and technique to constantly work tirelessly both in practice and in mobility training. Camden just last week began specific starting position training to improve his craft even more. This gem right here has a hunger that doesn't settle but pushes himself harder and harder to be the best out there and that drive has earned him the number 2 rank offensive the state. Yet he strives to keep improving even on that.

What coaches need to know Camden will bring fierce intensity power every game and with his high motor he will never quit . Camden's footwork and hand movements. are incredibly understanding of his placement and leverage can be the biggest advantage to his craft. And has the speed to fire off the ball, getting that strong first punch on his opponents and knocking them off balance before they have time to react to that speed , resulting in a pancake. Bringing respect, positivity and a cool sense of humor.

Camden is certainly a D1 talent and has received his first D1 offer. But Camden ain't done yet as he understands there is work to still be done every time out. But Camden is clear that there are great opportunities on every level though his drive and his spirit wants the highest he can get. Camden is locked to to be a part of a team that makes him feel like he belongs there and knows their support is there to help him be as successful as possible.

Camden's advice to those coming behind him is realize those people who believe in you and have your back . Listen to your coaches , especially when it feels like they are being hard on you. understanding that just their way of pushing you to be better and reach the potential they see in you. Stay humble. Well said Camden, well said.


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