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The Mystero : Crafty and Smooth

Gabriel Holmes: 

Instagram: @gabe7077 Instagram 6ft, c/o 26 from Hall High School, TN 

Gabriel Holmes is an electric guard with a very high basketball IQ. He possesses crafty moves, and some very nasty handles. He absolutely loves to make it rain from downtown. He is versatile enough to get into the seams where he thrives at sucking in the defense and fuels his team with some dazzling passes. He shoots at a high percentage from three, with a very smooth touch. He is extremely tough in the paint, and he will battle for rebounds, despite what many would consider to be "undersized." You can't judge the size of the dog in the fight, but you can absolutely judge the size of the fight in the dog. He is a dual sport athlete that oozes athleticism. And, he is a solid defender which is just icing on the cake.

Last season Gabriel averaged 10 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds while playing AAU for the TN Impact. Gabriel said his goal is to always compete against the very best. One of the many things he has been working on is shooting the ball more and showing everyone the dynamic playmaker that he can be. He is getting much more comfortable shooting, which will only further maximize his ability to shoot at a high percentage, all while taking his game to the next level. His main goals this upcoming season are to increase his scoring and to break the school's assist record. THAT is the definition of being a team player! He is currently only 15 assists away from breaking the school record. I would guess he does that within the first 2 games!

What fuels the fire that burns deep down inside him, is both his competitive nature, and watching his team win. He told me he has always been super competitive even if it’s just playing a board game! He absolutely hates to lose at anything! Gabriel handles adversity by lifting his teammates up. Most players tend to point fingers when things are going wrong in a game, but Gabriel puts it all on himself, and is the biggest cheerleader for his teammates. He said "negativity and positivity are BOTH contagious" so he chooses the latter.

What makes Gabriel very different from other players is without a doubt his leadership. When he talks, people listen and they follow his lead. Gabriel would love to play D1 someday, but even if he ends up playing D2, he will always do whatever it takes to compete and help his team win. He said he just loves to have fun and play the game.

No one knows what the future holds. One thing I do know is that hard work does pay off, so I am very curious to see what the future holds for him. When I watch him, I see a high energy, ultra competitive player, who is happy battling and competing. He is undoubtedly the spark plug that fuels the energy for his team. He has developed not a cocky, but a very confident swagger. I always tease him and say how I want to be just like him when I grow up. LOL!  Gabriel is fearless and relentless, and is a difference maker on the court. The future is very bright for this young man, and it is going to be fun watching him as he continues on his journey. 


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