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The Lanky Wing Dominating the Post

Luis Nava @LuisNava124, Instagram- @luis_nava05, 6’7, 200, c/o 25 from Oldham County, KY is kinda a hybrid of old-school back-to-the-basket post but versatile enough to do some damage off the bounce. Luis can get the easy hook shot every time and even a fadeaway shot from the post and it won’t get blocked because of his height. The greatest strengths would be rebounding and shooting the ball in the post. But he has a strong defensive swagger too with force around the rim defensively with his length he can get big blocks and alter shots effectively.

This past season Luis averaged 10 points and 7 rebounds per game on a loaded squad. There were a few things that motivated Luis from last year, one being that they didn’t end their season the way they wanted it to end. They had to forfeit their last game because of injuries. Another is that he didn’t end the season with the stats he wanted to get. Luis's big focus areas that he needs to improve are his ball handling and his shooting. Luis feels to take his game to the next level he must improve his skill in both these areas. Playing AAU for Kentuckiana Hoops, Luis' goal for this AAU season is to win the NY2LA championship. And to help his teammates win. Luis has certainly delivered on that. becoming a steady force his team can depend on consistently. Luis' goals for next season are to be all regional team and even all state team while winning the region and getting to Rupp. He feels like they have a great chance to win region next year with the group they have at Oldham County.

When Luis is on the court the thing that fuels him the most is his passion for the game, he simply loves playing the game and I play every game as if it were to be his last while just having fun out there. There are a lot of times when things don’t go his way on the court but he feels like he handles it pretty well. Luis just likes to think about the next shot and not the last shot because he doesn't want to be thinking about his miss instead thinking bout the next shot or play understanding you can’t let 1 mistake ruin the whole game for you.

A coach can expect a lot from Luis that sets him apart from others. He always wants to get that extra work in meaning staying after practice getting to practice early, whatever it takes. Also will always be giving my 100% on and off the court meaning in the classroom and on the basketball court. Luis sees myself playing anywhere from Division 2 to potentially Division one with the work he puts in every day and believes he could go d2 or even d1 because he has a lot of potential and is still growing as a player. My assessment is also D2. On my first visit Luis was coming off some tough games where he played extremely well and his shots weren't where he normally performs, but his hustle and energy were clear as he gobbled up double-digit boards and played solid defense. The second time I saw him and he along with the entire team did their thing well in a fierce battle against an undeated FL team in Louisville. Luis' skills were very emphatic they didn't focus on an off-game cause he was coming back hard the next one. As Luis continues to develop and elevate his game, it's going to be worth watching.


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