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The King in his Zone

King Hubbard

Twitter: Kstephney1

Instagram: 6’3” 160lbs.

c/o 25

Bearden High School Knoxville, TN


Hubbard is a freakishly athletic wing, who is always in attack mode on both ends of the floor.  He can without a shadow of a doubt, make it rain from downtown, but his greatest strength is attacking off the bounce with a wicked midrange game. He also effectively finishes at the rim. He loves to play defense and he tries to emulate his game after

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.


Last season King averaged 13 points, 3 assists and 2 rebounds per game. The team didn’t do as well as he had hoped they would do, so he is ready for this season to start. He said he is going to be a completely different player than he was last year, and do whatever it takes to help his team make a state championship run.


While playing in the Summer for NLPB, Hubbard wants to get in front of as many college coaches as he possibly can, and show them all exactly what he is capable of. What really fires him up is when people doubt him. That only makes him even more determined to prove them all wrong .  When things aren’t going well in a game, he takes a deep breath and always remembers to trust the process.  He knows you can’t go back and fix a mistake, but you can learn from that mistake, and work to make sure that mistake is not repeated.  


When asked what a coach can expect from him, he said  “a hard worker who shows up each and every day with intensity and passion. I want to get better each day and I am willing to do whatever it takes to help my team get that dub.” For now, he sees himself as a mid major player, who absolutely has the ability to play at an even higher level.


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