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The Juice: International Flare

Kyll Fleming

Twitter @Flemingkyll

6’1 , 175

c/o  ‘26   

Strathroy District Collegiate Institute Strathroy, Ontario


Fleming is an electric athlete with big play potential every time he touches the ball. He is versatile, and is way more a leader, than a follower. Kyll brings the juice, the urgency, the mentality and the love of the game each and every time.


Last season Kyll had 300+ rushing yards, 2 passing TD’s, and defensively had 11 sacks . Kyll said he learned the importance of the word “TEAM” and how you aren’t playing the game alone, but playing together as a family.  This past season he focused on helping the younger players learn as quickly as possible. He focused on being a leader and bringing players up when they made a mistake. Kyll's goal for this coming season is to show what he and his brothers can do as a team.


His passion and love of the game is what drives him to be successful. He stays focused and silences all the naysayers but always giving it his all.  Results quickly quiet the bleacher creatures!  When asked what a coach can expect from him he said he will always give 100% effort and play every play like it is his last. He actually said that he loves the game as much as he loves to breathe!  If given the chance, he believes he can play at any college level with the right coaching.    


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