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The Grit and Grace of a Scoring Combo Guard

Nate Rubin @NathanRubin24 , 6'2 , 175 c/o 24 of Lexington Christian Academy, MA is a triple threat scoring option that is effient and gritty. A crafty athletic gem that finds a way to score . But Nate doesn't force bad shots , a very efficient shooter. Extremely shifty and hard to lock up. Nate can drop a sweet dime. Nate is a solid defensive player scrappy and fierce .In the AAU session Nate averaged 20 points a game against some great talent.. His biggest improvement was his three point shooting and elevating his defense to guard 1-5 effectively. Tirelessly pushing to master both these elements of his game now puts him on another level apart from the pack.. Nate's favorite highlight of the summer wasn't an individual game but competing with his teammates while playing for coaches who really cared about their development.Nate's goal for the upcoming season is to buy into the system with his team and win a championship together in March. What coaches need to know is Nate has an incredible work ethic and determined passion that pushes him to be the first person in the gym and the last to leave. A fire within that says no matter the struggle I will be in the gym.. This has shaped Nate's very character. . This has given Nate the ability to compete with many different players and thrive among them. Nate values being in a system that appreciates him and knows his worth more than he cares about division level..The ultimate goal is to impact the winningness of a program wherever he lands. Off the court Nate values his dedication in the classroom in maintaining his high GPA. . Gonna be a breakout season for Nate Yall. Don't miss a minute and he blazes his way through one last run, taking no prisoners as he makes a statement he is among the best in MA.


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