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THe Genius Playmaker: Unleashing High IQ Dominance

Nate Rodriguez @Nate10Rodrigues , 6ft, 175 , c/o 25 from Parkersburg High School , WV  is a electric 3 & D  point guard who is a strong triple threat scoring option and rock solid floor general with a high IQ always looking to make the right play whether for himself or a teammate. Nate is a crafty facilitator with great court vision and nice athletic abilities that help him make some dazzling plays. Beautiful touch from downtown. Nice speed off the bounce and gets into the seams quickly where he can kill the defense as a scorer or a passer . He is gonna draw a crowd and it naturally opens up others  as the defense is forced to adjust to him..Nate has earned the respect of every team in the state with the evidence he knows he will draw the best defender every game at this point but it hasn't slowed him down very much. Nate thrives on keeping the defense guessing . Based on the match-up Nate will attack the defense in different ways. based on what the team needs in certain defensive schemes and situations.  Everyone knows he can be a prolific scorer but can punish a defense with his passing too.  He uses that IQ to find ways to impact the game no matter what the other team does.Not focused on just being a scorer. And his leadership has been clear all season and is fueling this team well. Nate gets after it on the boards and plays outstanding defense in his own right. 

 During the AAU session  Nate plays for  Nash Prep. Nate's best memory for the AAU session was getting to compete in the Pitt Jam Fest and getting the chance to showcase his skills in front of 100+ college coaches. Last year Nate averaged 12.5 points , 4 assists, 4.1 rebounds, and 1.4 steals per game. The biggest improvement ibn Nate's game since last season has been getting stronger. Nate has lived in the weightroom and became much stronger and faster.  Nate also worked hard on improving his shot making and  consistency.  He lived in the gym every day with the goal of 500 makes, not just shots. Nate's goal for this season is to lead his team to the state playoffs  which hasn't been done in 10 years..  Nate is determined to be a huge part of this team breaking that streak. So far this season  Nate is averaging 20 points, 5 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game.

Nate's ability to impact the game in different ways effectively is what sets him apart. You gotta pick your poison with Nate and he is always making adjustments on the fly to whatever is thrown at him.  His strong leadership also will help him thrive as the perfect floor general in any system. He knows and understands how to keep his guys together out there like an extension of the coach on the floor.  And with his " next play mentality" he is always thinking ahead of the defense. . Nate is well able to play D1 basketball at mid- to low level because all he bring to the floor but doesn't even really care about all that division level stuff  but performing well and getting wins. He just enjoys playing the game he loves and never wants that to end. So he will be grateful for any opportunity he has to accomplish that and firmly believes God will lead him to exactly where he needs to be. 


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