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The General : Versatile Wizard of the Court

Mike Strickland

Twitter: Mikestricklandd

Instagram: mikedabuccc

5’8 , 145

c/o 2026 from Lab University Prep , NC


Strickland is a fierce floor general who loves to attack the seams, carve out holes in the defense, and create shots for himself or for his teammates. With a high IQ,  great court vision and crafty handles, Mike slices up the defense like a hot knife through butter. A true Point Guard who is a knockdown shooter anytime he chooses to shoot, and a stingy defender.


This past season Mike averaged 14 points, 3 Steals and 3 assists per game. The thing that motivated him the most this past season was when the starting lineup was announced, being that he was an underclassmen, his name wasn’t included. He now feels like he has a point to prove , and that is what gives him that chip on his shoulder. He has worked hard this offseason to improve all facets of his game. Mike's biggest goal for this upcoming season is to win a state championship, while also trying to pick up an offer. He wants to average a minimum 17+ points per game, and be the field general for his team by setting up his teammates with great passing.


While playing AAU for the Charlotte Dragons, Mike's goal is to improve as much as possible, which will allow him to be even better once his high school season rolls around. Mike is a fierce competitor who will be strongly focusing on being more consistent and playing off two feet, while running downhill.


He is a high energy player, who can turn his defense to offense very quickly. He loves when players trash talk, and doubt him.  That only makes him play that much harder.

When things aren’t going his way on the court, he makes sure to always stay calm and worry about nothing but the next play. He focuses on never getting in his own head and fully realizes that you can’t go back and take back a mistake, but you can learn from that mistake, and do whatever it takes to not repeat it.


When asked what a coach can expect from him, he said “hustle and heart.” You will often see him diving and sliding across the floor while playing for a loose ball, He  communicates and takes charge, and that is exactly what is needed from a Point Guard. He is willing to do anything it takes to win . Most players only care about individual points and stats, but his passion to win as a team is what drives him. He said very simply " I just want my team to win.”


Mike feels he could play at the D3 or Juco Level, because the transfer portal made things much more difficult for high school athletes. He knows if he does well on a lower level, there is a very strong possibility that he can transfer to a higher level. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on him this upcoming season.   


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