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The General is in Da House

Updated: Feb 19

Nehemiah Banks @Nehbanks23 , 6ft, 182, c/o 24 from Rowlett High School,TX  is a lethal tree point sniper. Whether the catch and shoot or spot-up Nehemia can really bring the rain. He hit 6-3s on Senior night with Dad in the stands with a glow of pride. Nehemiah can also get out in transition quickly turning defense into easy offensive finishes. Mixing it on the boards, dropping nice dimes. Nehemiah locks in and does whatever it takes out there to get the win. Not afraid to sacrifice his body and goes 110% every minute he is on the floor.

Last season Nehemiah averaged 6 points, 3 assists and 2 rebounds. The biggest accomplishment from AAU was being around guys that challenged him everyday which helped him earn more playing time by being a team player. Perfect fit for Nehemiah who is always team first driven. The biggest improvement since last season was his rebounding and playmaking for his teammates . Went from being just a shooter to putting the ball on the floor and rasing his IQ to make game winning decisions.Nehemiah's goals entering the season were to get his boady ready for the next level and getting better everday in his all around game. So far this season Nehemiah has averaged 14 points,3 assists, 4 rebounds and 1 steal per game. What coaches should know is that Nehemiah is a pass first pure point guard who loves to fuel his teammates and really get them going. With his high IQ understands  how to play the game the right way. Nehemiah is very coachable and hungry to do whatever he has to to win. Unselffish and never focused on volume scoring over team wins. Finally his love for the game and the feel of the ball coming off his hands .Basketball being his first love since he was 4-5 years old has fuel is drive and passion for this game over the years and the grind never stops for Nehemiah.Nehemiah has developed well and has elevated his skill to git a mid- lower D1 or a steal for any D2.Thats his goal and will keep working hard to make his dream a reality. With the support and raising of his grandmother who signed him up for AAU, training and supporting him at games , he was able to accomplish the skills be the a high level ball player.


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