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The Fast & Furious : Crafting Marsterpieces of Pancake Art

Fisher Brinegar @fisher_ brinegar , 6'5 , 280 , c/o 27 from Mayfield, KY is physical giant of an athlete with incredible footwork and technique. Gifted being a moving mountain. Strong and gifted at blocking downhill driving defenders so hard it's like a back peddling dance ending on the ground looking up. Prides himself not allowing his man get anywhere near the offensive play. This stud has improved the most at making combo blocks and getting to the next level . It's an artform. Blowing guys off that line is challenge Fisher thrives in with a blocking grade of 89-90% after games. With 40 pancakes to his credit Fisher is more than validated as young star looking to add ' super"after it before its all said and done. He can right now play all 5 positions on that offensive line and excel.

Fisher brings an insane work ethic that's set him apart from crowd. Training hard daily and lifting,. Constantly ingesting film looking for ways to continue to improve his technique. At his size that speed is deceptive and catches you by surprise. High motor every snap and it's his side you run to on the 4th and 1. Even in practice Fisher won't take a play of understanding hard work and intensity begins on practice field and then translates to the real game . Bad habits start small and that on practice and Fisher ain't having it as his drove is to be the best on the field despite the oppent. Even on the scout team he forces his own defense to get better by not taking it easy on them, fueling them to be better cause he gets better. Fisher wants then game ready. That's leadership yall. By his example he sends the message, we come to work over here. Fisher fire is pushing for D1 but is certainly not opposed to playing D2 or NAIA. Fisher knows a coach has got yo be able to trust you and does whatever to takes to earn that and keep that trust. Staying hungry and extremely focused he demands accountability of himself and moves people with intensity. He respects everyone sees no friends once he lines up. Fisher want to join a next level team that loves the run so he can showcase his craft and be a difference maker. Ideal squad known for hard nosed physical play. Smash mouth football. Fisher just picked up his first offer from EKU. This coming season Fisher will be transferring Moody High School in Alabama a 5A school. Certainly one to keep a close eye on coaches.


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