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The Explosive Wing I call "The Finisher"

William Dillon @Will_Dillon35, 6'4, 185 c/o25 from Huntley High School, IL is a solid triple threat scoring option. He can knock down the three but his greatest strength is attacking off the bounce  and finishing at the rim . Crafty and athletic gems can dazzle with some jaw dropping moves. Got a little spring in his bounce that helps him elevate over defenders for good looks.. Will has the strength to score effectively even through contact which happens a lot as the defense scambies to slow him down when he is in attack mode. Runs the floor well in transitions With a nice IQ he can deliver some sweet passes. Will works hard on the boards and is a fierce defender. Beautiful shot release with the perfect follow through. . 

Will has set a goal to improve as a basketball player and a person while putting on such a performance it catches the attention of college coaches as he sets the stage entering his senior season.   Will plans to focus most on his strength and agility this offseason most but will continue to elevate and perfect every part of his game. .The most motivating thing for Will this past season was not getting much playing time  playing with 9 seniors and 9 juniors and a new coach pushes him to get so much better that he only sees the bench to rest.  The adrenaline from the tipoff fuels the fire within as he knows its show time and the hype of competition kicks in.    In this @VEAHoops Super 12 venue  Will certainly proved the hard work he put in is paying off  being a big impact in every single game and was huge in the games against two of the best teams in the entire showcase.. He played with passion and purpose every minute he was on the floor. His energy was contagious. With strong ball handling he was able to score at will  and at clutch moments.. 

Wills goals going into next season are to be more of a leader while being the best teammate he can be while they make a hard run to win State his final high school year. The other goal is to bond with the team and coaches, building great chemistry and a family atmosphere where everyone plays for each other with one common goal to get that DUB.  Will at this point is a solid D2 in my assessment. But he sees that or maybe D3 or NAIA. The potential to be a high D2 is there if he  continues to put in the work  and maximize the skills God gave him. What sets Will apart is his finishing ability off the bounce .I asked Will how he handles adversity on the floor and he quoted his coach saying, "The moment you let something beat you during the game you take your team from 5 on 5 to 5 on 4 with you wearing the wrong jersey.  In short Will is extremely coachable and what he absorbs translates on the court  and he doesn't forget.  The heart and passion he plays with is fun to watch. Gonna be a special AAU session and upcoming season for this young rising sta

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Apr 10

Thank you Kevin for such a wonderful piece. There is more that you have not seen in Will, and it will be revealed this season…stay tuned!

Zoe “Coach Z” Smallwood

Lincoln Basketball Elite

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