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The Explosive Combo Guard: Redefining Defense and Scoring

Jay -Juan Gould, @jayjaungould, 6'2 , 170 , c/o from Arizona PHHoenix Prep EIBC is dynamic athlete that can impact any game on both ends of the floor. He has nice speed and athletic ability. He is a strong triple threat scoring option with explosive moves and a fierce finisher . Can drop some really sweet dimes. Jay -Juan Is a tenacious defender.. Mixes it up on boards well. A true game changer.He was compared to Shawn Marion when he was younger but now they call him baby Khawi.

In the AAU session Jay-Juan averaged 19 points, 8 assists, 6 steals, 4 rebounds and two blocks.. Received Prep Hoops Top 250 standout, Southern Arizona Showcase Top 20, Area Codes Top 20 standout. Phenom National Camp invite by Daijon McMillian standing out at the Ball Dawgs Campionship in Las Vegas. Jay-Juan's favorite accomplishment from the AAU season was playing Rod Wave Elite and standing out on the big stage. Also the Pangos Under the Radar report written by GC3.

Coaches need to know what separates Jay-Juan from other players is his motor that never stops. That tenacious defense is special . His court vision and IQ are incredible as the numbers show he can impact and change a game in a variety of ways. Whatever the coach needs, Jay- Juan can deliver.. He is a D1 talent that can be an instant impact . But Jay -Juan is looking for the best opportunity regardless of division level. .


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