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The Engine that Can

Tyler Davis @23TylerDavis , 6ft, c/o 25 fromFlorida Coastal Prep,FL  is a three point sniper. But has the ability to effectively attack off the bounce. with ease. Strong enough to power through contact. His calling card is that defense though. Tyler can really put the clamps on any man he defends and a master of drawing charges. Tyler can drop a nice dime in a flash. High basketball IQ. He reads passing lanes as well as anyone out there.Tyler is also a really good passer. With the ball in his hands Tyler can create for himself or others. 

The biggest improvement from last season has been Tyler's confidence on the offensive end.. Tyler spent countless hours working on his mechanics, balance and footwork.Tylers focus last season was certain pivots , jabs and counter attack moves that would help him keep defenders guessing. Another improvement was his decision making which his IQ and court vision aided well. Most all shot selections. Every great guard has to know when to pass and when to shoot. When to take the three or explode off the bounce. Realizing his height as a combo guard would require him to play more aggressively and knock down shots more consistently and a high percentage. Along with his dad Tyler watched his game film and consistently made necessary adjusts to improve his game. Tyler's favorite highlight and accomplishment from last season was his ability to lock up taller guards.Understanding for him to be able to really compete he had to be more physical , faster and stronger.was Tyler's challenge to himself..It paid off as he was able to excel against bigger guards .

Tylers's goal for the upcoming season is to stay healthy, continue to develop and keep his academics to a perfect standard.On offense Tyler wants to have his presence felt and impact the game in such a way it elevates everyone around him. On the defensive end is to get more deflections  and force more turnovers. While mastering the art of playing physical defense without fouling. Coaches should know what separates Tyler from the rest is his balance. Not all players understand the value of balance and versatility on both ends. Where most players fall into volume shooting and loose games , Tyler is a master of knowing when to pass over just shooting . The dog in him will never quit battling. The Work is the Wok is his motto. That's a strong statement of how high his expectations are for himself. Not locked in on any division level because he feels he has the skill , the heart and strength to play any of them. Tyler doesn't want to limit himself with the mindset he has played a certain level and then he can develop and play . Not sitting in the transfer portal hoping to find a place he can get playing time. The bottom line is finding a team that values him as a player and a person while allowing him to hold true to his academic standards while playing the game of basketball.. Setting clear goals beyond the basketball court and setting the stage for his life and the future..


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