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The Enforcer: Unleashing Tactical Brilliance on the Field

Logan Stumbo @Logan Stumbo , 5'9 , 175 , c/o 26 from Prestonsburg High School, KY ,M LB is a fierce athlete with a non-stop motor  and a high IQ with  a nose for ball and  nice closing speed , relentlessly pursues the ball and anyone who has it. With speed , power and determination he exploded through the line to get to that ball. Logan is a ruthless tackling machine who masters the technique of getting to the ball and confidently talking. Once Logan gets his hands on you the play is over and no extra yards will come.. Logan is a punishing destructor to every offense he faces. Exploding through the line , Logan is in hot pursuit with fire in his eyes and relentlessly tracks down his target. Like a lion closing in for the kill and finishing off its prey Logan finishes the tackle with the same zeal. Logan can accomplish so much because of his tireless work ethics to master his technique, always striving for perfection. . In the weight room  Logan benches 225 bs and squats  330lbs  while boasting a 5.0-40 yard dash speed. All these factors and flows right into helping him be so productive and successful.  Logan ranked #34 in the state in tackles overall,earning him a spot on the All- State team. .

Logan had 93 tackles, 20 TFL, 1 sack and 1 INT. The biggest improvement was disciplined timing and patience developing that UIQ to see the play develop and then blow it up or destroy it all together. .  instead of bursting through the hole and guessing where he should go. Clearly understands the dynamics of how  a play works and the strategy he needs to shut it down. making the right play at the right time. Also understanding film room time is vital. Logan feels you gotta know what your opponent is doing on every play. .Coaches can expect Logan to give  everything he has  with a ton of heart and tenacity fueled by his drive to win. Logan would consider any division level as long as he has the opportunity  to keep playing the game he loves as long as he possibly can.With his veroristy, work ethic and passion succeed and win , he has a bright future as long as he continues developing, learning and perfecting his skills and teques.

Logan's advice to younger players is you have to be invested in this sport for progress and success in it. Can't hold anything back. Stay in the weightroom . While on and off the field . stay consistent.on how hard they work together as a team, how they build each other up, whether that team lifting in the weightroom or on the field. .. And finally sell out and be committed to getting better everyday as a player and as a teammate. .

My assessment is this kid has a tremendous future and a high ceiling with plenty of room for development. With his passion and work ethic and attention to detail continuing to perfect his technique , strength and speed , he could be elite before it's all said and done.. Logan needs to realize now he determines how high he flies by what work , effort and passion he pours into this game. The more he gives to this game, to perfect it , master it and excel in it, that's exactly what it will give back to him. .


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