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The Double-Double Ability of A Versatile Combo Guard

Anthony Boswell @kingbozzy, 6'2 , 180, c/o 24 from Woodland High School, CA a solid triple threat scoring option with tight handles. Anthony can really bring the rain from deep but can attack off the bounce just as effectively. A high IQ and can facilitate the offensive very well making game winning plays. Can deliver a sweet time and fuel a fast break off the boards quickly. And a strong defensive swagger. Even when switched into bigger players in the post , Anthony understands how to use his body to give that diode some work. Versatile enough to play anywhere the coach needs him. Anthony compares his game to CP2 or Andrew Wiggins.ILast season Anthony averaged 15.7 points, and 13.5 rebounds a game. A testimony to the hustle, energy and impact of this nice double -double .. During the AAU session Anthony averaged 15.5 point, 2.3 assists, 13.1 rebounds, and 3.6 blocks. setting the stage for a breakout season. His favorite memory from the AAU session was hitting clutch game winning free throws. . Anthony's biggest improvement from last year was his confidence. That motivated him to elevate his game to get that double average lights a fire within him knowing he can be the best player out there if he just plays his game and lets his skills do all the talking..Anthony's goal is to keep elevating those skills while building his confidence to bring an an offer from a good school willing to use and develop his talent well while allowing to live his dream of nxt level basketball that has been his life for so long. Anthony has the skill to be a solid D3 player but would certainly entertain a Juco spot if it helps him develop more and take the next step to continue his basketball journey. He can adjust to any environment and along with his physicality and experience he knows he can go get his and make big things happen on any squad. .The blessing of playing any division drives Anthony to keep grinding out there with passion and desire to showcase all he can do well..


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