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The Dominant Stretch Big: The Overpowering Blitz

Cutter Sisk @CutterSisk 6'7, 235, c/o 26 from Beech High School, TN in a dominant big that imposes his will on both ends of the court. Cutter can really stretch the floor with his triple-threat scoring ability. Very efficient shooter with nice handles for his size. Naturally, Cutter's greatest strength is working with his back to the basket and just overpowering any defense he faces. With skilled footwork and a ton of crafty moves and finishes, Cutter makes the paint his world any time he chooses.

This past season Cutter averaged 10 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks earning him several honors. All District Team ( District 12AAAA), All-District Tournament Team, All County Team (Sumner County), All-Region Tournament Team( Region 6 AAAA), and the Holiday Tournament All-Tournament Team as a sophomore. The most motivating that that happened last season that will push Cutter to moving forward was losing in Substate to Independence High School which won the 4A Championship. Every practice Cutter and his team think about that game and are using it as fuel and a launching pad to go further this upcoming season. Cutter's main focus area to improve this summer is his defense and foot speed, determined to get faster. Playing AAU for the Tennessee Tigers his goals are to be a winning team and build a strong bond along the way as they get to know each other better forming a new brotherhood. Cutter's goals for the upcoming season are lofty but with purpose and passion, he will push himself to achieve every one of them. Starting with getting stronger, faster, and smarter. The next is to work harder on his ball handling and defense while getting even better at using his ability to stretch that floor more and more causing a match-up nightmare. Cutter understands clearly if he achieves these goals it increases his team's ultimate goal of winning that 4A State Championship.

What fuels Cutter's fire the most on the court is when people talk smack. It ignites Cutter to shut them up hard with his game doing all the talking for him. When facing adversity Cutter uses a "Next Play " mentality. His example is, that you won't get every call to go your way, at that moment you can't blame the refs, just get back on defense and play ball.

Coaches can count on Cutter to bring his strong work ethic and leadership that separates him from other plays when added with his High IQ and understanding of the game, being coachable, and consistent, his intense attention to detail, and a fundamental awareness of his nice skills and size. Cutter's dream has always been to play D1 but welcomes any opportunity to continue to play the game he loves.

Cutter's faith allows him to understand there is more to life than basketball but he is so thankful for the gifts and love for this game God gave him and wants to use all his talents to bring glory to God in return. I assess that as long as Cutter continues to elevate his skills and remain hungry to grow as a player while keeping his focus on God and honoring him with his gifts he will achieve anything he sets his heart to. Breakout season ahead is what I see. Stay tuned as this young star is on a mission.


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