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The Complete Warrior: Unstoppable Grit

Ethan Furches

Twitter: Ethanirick3

Instagram: Ethan.irick16

5'10 , 130

Elizabethton High School Elizabethton, TN


Furches is a physical Forward who finishes strong to the hoop, and can also pop a three. When this kid gets hot, it is hard to stop him from hitting 3s. He plays with a fearless swagger, flat out refusing to back down from any opponent, regardless of a size difference. He is a natural born leader, both on and off the court. He is gritty, and a rebound machine. He drops dimes like candy, and he throws himself a block party in every single game.


This past season Ethan averaged 11.5 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 blocks and 3.7 steals per game. One game last season, his team was down by 20, and they came back and won by 7! Being down by 20, he knew he had to be a leader. He led his team to a win by scoring 12 of those points. Ethan's goal for next season is to be in the starting lineup for both the Freshman and JV team.  


Playing for Swoosh Elite Network, Ethan's goal is to get noticed as much as possible. The thing he wants the most is to be able to someday help his family, and buy them things they could never afford, while also making a huge impact on people's lives. He wants to make his family proud, and he wants to be a role model whom kids can look up to.  


He loves when a team talks trash, as all that does is fire him up. When a game is getting intense, his intensity always seems to be even higher. This kid has a never quit attitude, and hustles on each and every play.  When asked what he tried to change the most from last season to this upcoming season, he said not getting as frustrated when things aren’t going well in a game.  He realized quickly that when any team is pointing fingers at each other, that only makes things worse. His plan is to be the leader on his team that both his coaches and teammates can rely on. Ethan sees himself at least on the D3 level, but he hopes to play D2 or higher. He said “Anything is possible if you believe and put your mind to it."  I concur!


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