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Swift Sentry : The Shifty Sniper with alot of Dog in Him

Grayson Scragg

Twitter: Graysonscragg

Instagram: Grayson Scragg

6’1” 170lbs. ,c/o 26

Donelson Christian Academy, Nashville, TN


Scragg is flat out an absolute explosive DOG, who possesses crazy speed, a relentless motor, and is shifty beyond belief. He easily imposes his will on helpless defenders from all three levels of the game. He has a silky smooth touch from downtown, is electric off the bounce, can stop short on a dime and land  buckets from both mid-range and three point land. When he drives to the rim, just get out of his way, because it is going in, even through heavy traffic and contact, and more than likely he is going to draw a foul. That only adds another dagger to the hearts of the opposing team. It just adds insult to injury!  

 You can put this kid in a pressure cooker, and he is just going to come out unscathed and smiling from ear to ear. I can’t tell you why, but with some people, when pressure is put on them, they simply fold. Others are just able to have laser focus. This kid is the latter. He has fantastic court vision which he uses to hit open teammates with slick passes. When asked what makes him different from other players, he responded with “ I know how to respond to adversity. I have an intense work ethic, and a strong mindset. A coach can expect me to never give up and never stop playing until the final buzzer. I am willing to do all the dirty work and do whatever it takes, as long as my team gets the dub. I am vocal and I hold both myself and my teammates accountable to each other.

”This past season Grayson averaged 19.3 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists per game which helped earn him All District First team honors for the second year in a row. This next part is tough for me to even have to type, but when you talk about overcoming adversity, those words don’t even begin to cover what this poor kid went through. Last October, he lost his older brother, who was a mentor, best friend and role model to him, in a car accident. When he takes the court, he knows his big brother is watching him from above and trust me folks, Grayson is going to put on a clinic for his big bro!!!! His brother always pushed him to be the absolute best that he could be, and that is EXACTLY what he is and will continue to be!

Playing  AAU this Summer for the 16u Tennessee Tigers, his biggest goal is to pick up a college scholarship offer, while also helping his team to win the Best of The South tourney coming up this July 11-14th in Georgia. This kid is all about putting int the work, and never ever being satisfied. He is always looking to improve in all facets of the game. He is also always looking to improve his overall leadership skills.

Going into his Junior season, his biggest goals are are to hit the 1,000 point career mark, while also leading his team in points scored, rebounds, and assists. He is striving to achieve All District First Team honors for the third year in a row, and try to compete for a District, Regional and State Championship. Lofty goals for sure, but folks, trust me, I wouldn’t put anything past this kid. He is a man on a mission who also has a relentless hunger deep down inside of him.

He is BEYOND competitive and absolutely HATES to lose. All this adds up to one very dangerous player. Chip Smith, is the program director for the Tennessee Tigers, and he taught him “Handle Hard Better.” That reminds me of a saying the United States Navy Seals use and that is “Embrace The Suck.” Plain and simple, when things get really hard, you NEVER quit.  You ALWAYS find a way to get it done. No excuses. Figure it out.  THAT is this kid to a T.

When asked what level he sees himself playing at in college, he said “It is really up to God. He has a plan for my life, and I fully trust him.” Of course, like everyone, D1 basketball is always the dream, and he firmly believes he can play on the D1 level. My personal assessment is that with his relentless work ethic and fierce determination, mixed in with incredible skill, freaky athleticism and insane speed….there is no absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind, that he can not only play on the D1 level, but flat out be serious problems.  In all my years doing this, I’ve never met a kid who I will be rooting harder for than I will be for this kid. He has literally inspired me by seeing a kid with such leadership, passion ,and a never quit mindset.  That stuff is contagious folks, and that stuff impacts everyone around him, myself included! Guilty as charged! Ya’ll have to get out and come see this kid play for yourselves.  I am anticipating a true storybook ending. 


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