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Swift Drawn Justice: The Snipers Deadly Efficiency

Avery Collins, Avery_Collins_2, , Twitter - avery_collins_814 , 6’1, 160, c/o 26 from Erie First Christian Academy, PA is a fierce triple threat scoring machine. Even with defenders in his jersey , slowing him down is no easy task. With unlimited range Avery can drain the long bomb or get into the lane and punish defenders with that quick pull-up no matter how tightly he is guarded. Or he just makes it look easy finishing at the rim even through contact. A walking bucket. Avery loves to get out in transition for easy scores off his defense.

Last season Averaged 24.1 points per game,with 52 3s made, 83% free throws . Along the way Avery was the leading scorer in District 10, first team all-district, first team all-region, second team all-state . Playing for SPS has set goals to get an offer from a college by the end of summer, become a sponsored puma team while focusing on improvement, understanding he has to continue to be a consistent scorer, extend my range more, and become a better passer especially out of the pick and roll. Avery's goals for the upcoming season are goals are to win a district championship, a state championship and be the leading scorer in the state. This motivation comes from  losing in the first round of the playoffs this year.

What fuels Avery's fire on the court is getting ready for a big game, playing in front of lots of people, and just getting another chance to play the game I love.   Avery handles adversity by trusting in all the work he put in and knowing that shots will fall even if he misses a couple. Coaches should know Avery is very coachable and will do whatever is asked of him and because he is always in the gym working to get better, pushing himself to be a competitor knowing he will always give it his all on the court. Avery certainly sees himself  playing D1 because he puts all the work in and it’s his dream. Avery has mind set on playing D1 but he will do what is best for himself. Mentality to be 1 you gotta put in D1 work, believe you can thrive , then make that happen. My assessment is that he already plays a big boy style not easily contained despite the defense set against him absolutely a mid- major to low D1. Looking for a breakout summer.


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