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Supreme Facilitator: Sniper with Ultimate Defensive Swagger

Hunter Walston @HunterWalston35 , 6'5 , 190, c/o 24 of Noblesville High School, IN is a defensive stud! Thisgem reads offensive plays better than anyone i have ever seen as he crashes passing lanes with incredible timing and anticipation. That's high defensive IQ at its finest. And he is a shot blocking machine. And he turns that defense onto instant offense fueling a fast transition attack getting that ball up the floor in a hurry with long accurate passes. Hunter can really bring the rain from deep offensively with smooth touch at a blistering 40% clip. Sniper. But can also make hard cuts for strong finishes at the rim. And when Hunter gets out in transition you can count on a thunderous dunk or you might be his poster if it he gets one step on you in the lane. And of course Hunter is a beast on the boards and gets some sweet dimes. Simply the total package with great size and speed.

Last season Hunter averaged 10 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals per game. In the AAU session Hunter averaged 15 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Hunter's favorite AAU accomplishment was making the fonal 4 of the Hoop Group Tournament. Hunter's biggest improvement from last season is his mid-range game whole adding strength and speed. These will be big time this upcoming season and takes Hunter to a level that's gonna cause some real problems for opponents. Hunter's goals for this upcoming season is help his team win a conference and a return trip to the regional tournament win that championship as well.

What coaches should know is Hunter's Basketball IQ on both ends sets him apart from the pak. He is the ultimate blue collar worker that has a team first mentality. Brings a natural instinct to know where to bring and when with the purpose and drive to know what to do every possession. Add his size, dribbling ability and speed to that mix and you have a diamond. He can facilitate as well as any guard.

Hunter isn't locked in on any division level but knows he can thrive anywhere. He is just looking for opportunity for him whether it's the highest or lowest division. My assessment is Hunter is a dynamic game changer with a tenacious playstyle that will br an instant impact with the size , speed and skill to change the culture of a program as blue collar guy that will fuel any team he lands on. This young star right here is a steal . But one last run over here, look for a breakout run.


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