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Steel Sentinal: The Blue Collar Gem with Lockdown Swag

TJ Ruffin Jr. 

Twitter: TJRuffin03

Instagram:TJRuffin036’3”, 155lbs.

c/o 25 

Beech High School,,TN 


Ruffin is an explosive, super-athletic Guard that thrives on quickly getting downhill and attacking the teeth of the defense, which allows him to effectively create opportunities for himself and his teammates.  He is a fierce finisher and a tenacious defender. His greatest strengths are his perimeter defense, his playmaking ability to finish with either hand, and also his shot blocking. 


TJ averaged 7 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists this past season which was cut short by an injury. He is completely healed now and is ready to get back on the court and show what he can do. With that hunger inside him, he is focused and determined to have a breakout year, with his biggest goal being winning a state championship. 


Playing AAU for the Tennessee Panthers, he wants to showcase his talent, and hopefully pick up a few offers. He is focusing on becoming an even better leader by being more vocal on the court. What fuels TJ's fire every time he steps onto the court is him not currently having any offers. He is determined to prove he can be a valuable asset, and have a strong impact to any college team.

He said he always tries to motivate and uplift his teammates by being positive, and always playing with high energy. When asked what a coach can expect from him, he said “A tenacious defender with a great attitude and high energy, who will always give you 100% in both games and practice.” He is absolutely a “team” first kid who is a class A act, both on and off the court. TJ sees himself playing at the D3 level, but he is very hopeful to play D2.  Based on what I’ve seen, he has a very high ceiling and I feel he hasn’t even scratched the surface yet of what he can do. 


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