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Speedy Sniper: Three Point Dynmo

Cavaan Hambrick @CavaanHambrick1 , Instagram : cavaanhambrick ,5'9 ,140 , c/o 27 from Shawe Memorial, IN is a three point specialist to the tune of 40% from downtown. A Dynamic and fierce athlete with sprinter's speed which helps him blow past defenders with ease for easy baskets.Last season playing JV Cavaan averaged 14.3 points per game and playing up on varsity playing with 7 seniors in limited playing time didn't score much but gained valuable experience that sets the stage for him his sophomore year with that varsity team where he will push for spot to make a huge impact. 

In this AAU session Cavaan playing for the Southern Indiana Shock wants to be a true leader and get better at handling pressure situations.Catching a little of his games in the @VEAHoops action at the Cam Jackson Showcase , Cavaan did just that in the couple of close battles i watched. An intense competitor that was fearless and performed at a high level against great competition . Cavaan more than held his own and thrived as a leader out there. Last weekend he averaged 15.7 points a game in 4 games and went for 25 points nailing 7 threes . It really motivates Cavaan when he is overlooked because of his size and he loves to punish anyone before him on both ends of the court ending that whole idea.When you see Cavaan in action it comes to mind, dynamite comes in small packages. When his team is down Cavaan is fueled by the fire within to step up . When facing adversity , Cavaan takes a deep breath and relaxes, understanding that being calm no matter what you face on the cort at all times is how to keep a level head without panic or frustration which is very important.  

 Coaches can expect Cavaan to be a leader or the court and coachable, hungry to learn and improve.Like a sponge he soaks up instruction without ever arguing and executes it to perfection . Cavaan isn't too focused on what level he will play on the next level but putting in the work to be the best player he can be right, understanding the grind never stops and the future will take care of itself if he handles his business on the court right now being the best he can be in this moment. Growth and development are what's most important to Cavaan , learning how to elevate his skill as he competes while striving to get better and better.  A humble kid that already has a nice impact when shines out there and destined to  a name we will know and remember. Stay tuned.


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