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Speedster: The Rise of the Court Myestro

Kaiden Harris @Kaidenh2008 , 5'9 , 156, c/o 27 from Chesapeake High School, OH  is a slasher with strong ball handling abilities that loves to attack the rim for strong finishes.. Kaiden uses his speed and athleticism to create great opportunities for himself. As a dual sport athlete he uses his track training for speed and endurance to help him excel on the court. Kaiden also has good court vision and a high IQ to know when to attack for himself or drop the perfect pass for a teammate to score an easy basket. Kaidens speed really helps on the defensive side of the ball being able to beat his man to their spots and timing and anticipation with that speed leads to easy steals. Kaiden played both JV and Varsity.

Kaiden's goals for this AAU session playing for Team Matrix are to increase his shooting percentage while performing at the best of his ability showing great sportsmanship along the way. Kaiden plans to work hardest on his lower body shooting mechanics this off season.The most motivating thing for Kaiden that past season was the setback from varsity to JV.Kaiden used that to push himself to work harder on his confidence issue that was glaring on the varsity team. When the coach approached him about it,Kaiden offered to go to JV to get more time on the court to build up his confidence. Not only did it benefit his confidence but helped Kaiden elevate his skills and maximize them to his full capabilities as he thrived and exceled. He turned the setback into a stepping stone to move his game forward and its plain to see every time he plays.It impacted his entire mood as it fuels excitement now everytime he hits the court and Kaiden's love for the game has grown even more. Now when Kaiden faces adversity he faces that moment by letting it go and focusing on the next play.instead of continuing to think about what just happened. Kaiden's goal for the upcoming season is to continue to build more confidence knowing he has the drive, the passion and the athleticism to get better and better. Just has to have the confidence in himself to keep grinding.

What sets Kaiden apart is his intense work ethic, even on off days. Coaches can count on him bringing his best every single minute , even in practice and notjust in games, giving 100% hustle and effort .Kaiden can see himself playing any division level to clear understanding to a blessing and honor just to play next level despite a division. The ceiling is high for this young star as long as he keeps that fire within to push himself and knows he can dictate how high he flies. With confidence and hard work the sky's the limit has he masters the skills God gave him.


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