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Smart and Sharp :The Ultimate Triple Threat Combo

Parker Hampton  Instagram: @parkerhampTN

6’0, 163, c/o 26 from Knoxville Central High School , TN 

Hampton is an explosive player who can score from anywhere on the court. He is fearless and possesses the ability to rebound his own shots. Extremely athletic and fierce and will battle through contact.  He will make it rain with 3's and he plays very strong defense. He is extremely shifty, quick, is very crafty with his passing and he has ups. He started playing when he was just 4 years old. He is a coach's kid, so that says all you need to know about his work ethic. Parker's greatest strength is understanding the game and knowing how to get to the correct spot to take his shots.

Playing for the TN Impact., Parker's goal is to win every tournament he plays in.  He is focusing on gaining weight and getting stronger. He played up on Varsity as a freshman, which says alot about his talent. He is very well known as a shooter, but he is out to show that he has the handles, passing, rebounding ability and defense, to be an all around threat. He follows a strict diet, takes supplements, and he trains 5 days a week.  He is willing to play any role he has to in order to enable his team to win.  That is the definition of "selfless."  His AAU team is loaded with talent,  so he tries to help contribute to the team's success in anyway he can. His team only returns 3 seniors so the naysayers don't feel his team will be too much of a serious threat, but he intends to prove all the naysayers wrong and go out and try to win the District Championship.

When people score on him, that only further fuels the fire that burns deep down inside of him.  He is extremely competitive, and he takes it personally when someone scores on him.  He said "Things don’t always go your way on the court , but you have to have short term memory, trust the process and trust all the work that you put in." He loves the game and his dream is to someday play D1 ball. What is the most impressive to me is that he carries a 4.04 GPA.  This kid's future is BRIGHT!   


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