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Sky High Bunnies: The Ultimate WR with Explosive Hops and Unstoppable Hands

Brodrick Malone @brodrick_malone , 6’6, 210 , WR c/o 25 from Atascocita High School , TX is by natural position a Wideout but when he transferred to Atascocita last yr , coach Stump decided to use him as a hybrid TE because of he height. Wise decision as Brodick is a big target with great hands and nice speed with quality power on the move. Brodrick has a versatile skill set and can play outside and inside working hard on his footwork and route running . This stud has a high jump pr is 6’8 and I stand 6’6 so he can go up on anyone with those bunnies, kinda springs in those legs. The best part about this stud is he plays for my team, not just himself.. Every play made to get his team one step closer to a TD or make one knowing that's one step closer to his team getting that DUB.

Here is Brodrick's versatility at that hybrid TE spot he had 10catches on 12 targets for175 yards 2 TDS and 1 two point conversions. But he also had like 10 pancakes!!! He blocked a lot in his first season after the transfer. Looking back though, Brodrick already established his skills in this way. In 9th grade he started wide out and linebacker having 28 receptions 825 yards 7 tds while averaging like 40 yards a catch .10th grade Brodric didn’t play defense at all but complete focus as a WR had l 30 catches for 1100 yrds 10 tds averaging 27 yrds a catch. The numbers don't lie and coaches took note as Brodrick reeled in his  first 4 D1 offers as a freshman. SMU for linebacker. TX State, Texas Southern, UNLV for wide receiver. Brodrick's awards along the way include Awards 2021 all district 1st team, 2022 all district 1st team, 2023 district honorable mention. 3 time high jump regional champ (dual sport) and more offers from ASU, UTSA , Northwestern Louisiana , Army , Prairie View , Arkansas St. , Lamar University still more D1 Interest in hand.

Brodrick's biggest improvement from last season hands down was his blocking. At wide out he definitely blocked at Booker T., but lining up on the line for half the snaps Brodrick had to block a lot this year. And now that Brodrick is back at wide out those DBs beware , they are gonna have a problem. They thought he was tough and physical with some power before , man o man wait till next season. The most motivational or inspiring thing about last season i was seeing how buying into coaches plan got us one game from state. They have a good brotherhood , not a bunch of new guys and transfers to bring that back next year. Its gonna be crazy.

Brodrick  feels like adversity is a part of not just life , but like everyday life. because every day weather on or off the field it's always something man. He handles it different ways at different times but mostly he does like his dad says and gives it to God knowing God always got him.

A couple things that sets Brodrick apart from others is size but with a little man skill set. and speed and he really got bunnies!!!! Coach says he is a unicorn. Rodrick sees himself playing wherever God puts him. Like any athlete Brodrick wants to play D1 because that's been a part of the goal his whole life but believes it’s a lot about who you know , not really just the skills so much and the focus is playing any as long as it can prepare him for the NFL. Didn't take me long to see what the hype was about as seeing is believing and this stud can deliver and an easy D1 as the coaches have already spoken with action of offers , count me in for this ride and Rodrick told me to get me popcorn ready , it's about to be quite a show coming up. A team player and a cheat code!!! Period! And a guarantee that every time he touches the field , that’s what the coach has action at. The coaches that tap in with Brodrick good stuff , get the best version of him. This year Brodrick will be WR1 and promises it’s about to be craaaaaaazy. 


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