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Shifty and Lethal

Colt Delimpo  @ColtDelimpo , 5'6 , 112, c/o 28 from Great Crossings High School , KY fiery and crafty little gem with nasty handles that freezes defenders and then shifty moves to break free for sweet shots. A three point catch and shoot sniper  or getting fierce off the bounce for the quick pull-up or strong finishes at the rim if he sees the opening. .

This summer Colt will be playing for the Dhawk Hoops. The goal for his AAU session is to win the Nationals in KC and be a top hoops player of the game along the way. The biggest improvement for Colt has been his shooting adding to his arsenal the ability to shoot off the bounce even if his feet aren't set. Already playing up on the varsity and JV teams, Colts goal is to play varsity this coming season. In the offseason Colts focus is to improve his defense, especially against bigger players.

What sets Colt apart is his work ethic . Putting extra time with drills and workouts after practice is done. Right now Colt is a D2 or D3 player but grinding hard to develop into a D1. Colt isnt locked in on a division level just yet and is open to any , yet his hunger and passion keeps pushing him to get better and better without settling. His purpose and drive is to be more of a well rounded player that can thrive in every aspect of the game. An impact  rebounding and fishing on defenders while making the extra pass, being more aggressive offensively and defensively. Losing to their crosstown rivals has inspired Colt to work harder and never take one minute of any game for granted. This young star has a ton of talent in my assessment and high ceiling.  As he devoles and follows through becoming more fierce and understands he must outwork everyone, he could be special. Keep a close eye on this one.Don't let the size fool you, he is a killer on that court.


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