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Sharpshooter Supreme : Unleashing the Art of Tenacious Defense

Cameron Singleton, @Only_1Cam , 6'4 , 185 , c/o 25  from  Tyler High School, TX  is a lethal knockdown shooter and elite defender. . Even with defenders flying at him , he  is a cold blooded sniper. Kinda would describe Cameron like an every down back , reliable and steady going all out every time. Just plug him into the position you want and he will consistently deliver. This stud goes 110% every second he is on the floor. He loves to even mix it up inside among the bigs gobbling up boards and getting strong putbacks off the offensive glass.. In spite of his efficient high level scoring ability  Cameron takes great pride in his defense. Seems to be in the right position for  steals with incredible timing reading the passing lanes like he was literally in their huddle.  Add that to being a beast on the boards and you have a coachs dream player . 

In the AAu session Cameron played for Ballers Nation where he averaged  23.5 points , 11 rebounds , 5 assists and 2 steals. .Cameron's favorite accompaniment in AAU was playing in the nations  in Washington DC a few years back  and getting 3rd place with only 5 players for the entire tournament. That established that he could compete on the highest level and belonged on the big stage with the best and was picked up by a team out of Indiana where  played against Kingston, the Boozer Twins, and Melo at the  LeBron James Classic. Cameron's biggest improvement from last season was his individual defense and his role in the team defensive flow. Cameron clearly understands despite the fact he can score on all three levels, defense wins games and being a lockdown defender can open the door of opportunity for a D1 spot.  Cameron's goal entering the season was to help his team win and get on the coach radar while doing so.  So far this season Cameron is averaging 21 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. 

What coaches should know is Cameron brings an intense work ethic knowing on the next level he has to start from the bottom and earn his way on the new stage. Cameron is ready to prove yet again he belongs and can excel no matter the level. He is relentless and hungry , he believes if coaches see him play , they will believe in him too. He wants a great system that his playstyle and skillset gcan really shine. Coming from a football first town , Cameron knows he has to work harder than most to get a coach to consider there might be a real baller in Tyler and that all he longs for , one coach to come , see and believe what they see. Cameron has always earned his way with hard work and dedication and doesn't espect anything less from now till then and believes the grind never stops. Cameron has trained with some of the best in the DFW area who will vouch for what he proved to them already. With the hunger and passionto prove to the coach and program that takes their chance on him, they won't be disappointed.. And his willingness to outwork anyone is what separates him from the rest, Nothing given but everything earned. 

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