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Sharpshooter Spotlight

Kaleb Istvanik @kalebistvanik26, Instagram- @Kalebustvankbball, 6'2, 155, c/o 26 from Downers Grove South, IL is a sniper from downtown. Kaleb uses some sick handles to free himself up to get that smooth shot off. Kaleb doesn't need much space and can pull up on a dime. Also, Kaleb is known as a solid defender because of his length.

Playing for the Illinois Game Time for AAU Kaleb playing in the 17u is averaging 15 points a game. His goal is to work on becoming a three-level scorer. The most motivating thing from last season was playing as a freshman Kaleb didn't get much playing time which pushed him to work 2-3 times a day over the summer and it helped him become a better player. Kaleb feels there is still room to grow as a player and his love for the game is growing every day. The goal going into next season is to be a key contributor and a strong asset while shooting 40-50% next season.

Coaches should know they can expect Kaleb to be one of the hardest workers 24/7 always giving 100% while thriving on his greatest strength, shooting that rock. Right now Kaleb sees himself as a D3 athlete but as he continues to develop he feels he can work his way into a D2 level talent or maybe a low D1. We just have to stay tuned.


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