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Sharpshooter Sentinel with Defensive Prowess

Steven Tierney  @StevenTierney_ , 6'2, 182, c/o 25 from Bethesda Christian School ,IN savvy athletic shooter that plays with high energy and a nonstop motor.Steven is very skilled and getting to his spots on and off the ball , just plain crafty. When his team needs a spark , Steven is right there to deliver  a hustle play to fire them up. I witnessed this trait last weekend at the @VEAHoops Super 12. Steven was huge for the team I call "the cardiac kids" living on the edge with 4 tight games that were not decided till the closing moments. That shooting is one of his two  greatest strengths . The other is lockdown D! The entire 23-24 season  Steven defended the best player on every single team despite their size or position .Steven was hungry for the challenge of being that dude every single time.Steven fuels himself going into every game with that killer mentality knowing exactly what he has to do and attacking that every way he can.

Entering this AAU session for the Craig Porter Elite was to get better at his weaknesses while playing against the best talent possible  and putting on a dominant show on both sides of the ball in the process. Steven wants to improve his point guard skills and raise his IQ to make game defining plays effectively at the right moments.Steven also wants develop into a more vocal leader facilitation the offense well understanding how to direct and run his team no matter what situation they might face and be that clutch impact dude when the game is on the line. I saw that when he nailed a big time 3 while being fouled at a crucial moment that fueled the cardiac kids in a battle against one of the two undefeated teams in this venue.

Stevens' motivation from last season is understanding his potential and all the coaches seeing his potential pushes him to excel even more in his efforts  to be the best he can possibly be. With all the opportunity he has been given and all the people next to him just encouraging him to do his best everyday. Steven's goal for next season is to go out and lead. IHe wants to be the guy everyone can trust while leading class 1a is scoring. Steven also wants to lead his team as far into March as they can go.

 Steven has an incredible work ethic and is willing to do whatever it takes for a team to be successful as a great teammate, always putting in extra work, always having a learning mentality and an area of improvement. Steven will be the guy to guard the best player on opposing teams, make the game changing plays or be the leading scorer.  All these traits make Steven a mid to low D1- D2 level because he is always a key player to any team and can impact the game in so many ways and still growing while getting stronger and better. Even when facing adversity or when things aren’t going well Steven likes to just reset, understand what's going on, slow down and attack in different ways. He likes to calm the team down and give them the next play mentality because at the end we can’t change what happens and we just need to play through it. This stud right here was probably one of the kids I was most impressed with individually. When his shots aren't falling i watched him literally deliver everything I'm writing about him and found a way to continue to have a huge impact in multiple ways no matter what. Never dropping his head or quiting on any play, recovering quickly multiple times never letting one play or one shot get in his head and steal his swagger. This is one I believe could be on the verge of a breakout season to remember. Yall better keep a close eye and mark my words, he is gonna be a problem.


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