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Sharpshooter Sanant: The High IQ Dominator

Carson Nickles, @Carsonnickles24, Instagram: Carson.nickles - 6’1, combo guard, 165, class of 26 - Sioux Falls Christian High School, SD is a three point specialist id call a stone cold killa. Lethal with unlimited range for a blistering 50% from 3. Explose cutter and a fierce finisher off the bounce in the midrange or at the rim. Carson is excellent leader and he always makes others around him better as a great passer that can make the right reads with his great basketball IQ.

This past season Carson went 35/70 from downtown for 50% shooting clip. The most motivating thing for Carson last season was is when he got benched after starting the beging of the year for his high school team. That for sure fuels his fire. and gave him a strong lesson on dealing with adversity. Using this defining moment Carson grew from it and now when things aren't going his way such as missing shots or turnovers he looks for his teammates and makes sure they are getting the best shot possible. while he himself also plays better defense, crashes the glass, makes the extra pass and a focus on all the little things. Determined that that bench lesson wont be a repeat. Playing AAU for  Team Warwick Pro16 Carson's goals for AAU is to be the best leader he can be for his team , making sure he makes everyone around him better ,as well as impacting the game scoring and at the end of the day winning games. His focus area of improvement would be becoming a better ball handler, defender, and finisher. And that is paying off as on my visit he was a strong leader and an impact leaving his mark on the game with very efficient shooting, pin point passing off incredible reads of the defense while playing tough defense in his own right. Carson's game looks so natural and it made him a standout . Carsons goal for this summer and going into the next season is to be the hardest worker and make sure that he gets his spot back and keep it. Another goal is to lead his high school team to the state championship next year.

The part of the game that fuels Carsons fire the most is when he goes into a game that they are expected to lose and they go out and beat that team. As a player Carson loves those moments. In spite of the humbling experice of coming off the bench Carson has grown tremously leaving no doubt he earned the right to not only start which he does in the AAU circuit but can be the most trusted guy on the floor at all times. A coach will get a high level communicator that will do anything for the team to win as well as a great shooter that can make timely shots. and make great relationships with his teammates. Carson sees myself in the future as being a high level division 2 basketball player or low division one. I totally agree with this assessment but hint that if this development and learning curse continues to push Carson while continuing to consistantly elevate and sharpen his nice skills , the ceiling becomes higher for him. Being so young the potenial is incredible for what he can become, the savvy leadership he now fluriuoses in and that high level efficient shooting will make him a valuble asset to any team.


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