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Seam Slayer: The Fierce Maestro of the Hardwood

Jerrod Roark @JerrodRoark03 , 6'2 , 185, c/o 24 from Clay County High School, KY is a savvy floor general strong and gifted at getting into the seams killing defenders with a nasty floater or overpowering stregth attacking the rim. But Jarrod is a true point guard with a high IQ and great court visbig. Effective creating shots for teammates of the bounce or gifted at hitting open teammates when he attacks those seams to the rim sucking in the defense. Its pick your poison once he is the lane. Using that IQ he can punish a defense with his shooting and he can knock down the long range bomb or a pull up jumer from anywhere . And when he gets hot Jerrod can carry the team with his shooting. A scrappy defender tough as nails. Jerrod won't shy away from contact and is also known to crash the offensive glass and strong enough get putbacks among the bigs.

Last season Jerrod averaged 20.9 points, 6.1 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game. His favorite AAU highlight was posterizing another player with a ruthless dunk in front of multiple college coaches. Jerrods biggest improvement from last season has been his defense and 3 point shooting. Jerrods goals for this season isn't increasing his stats but developing into a more effective leader sacrificing stats for doing all the little things as a master facilitator to fuel his team to a regional championship. His mindset is true winner does whatever it takes to make game winning decisions for the greater good of the team.

Coaches should know Jarrods ball handling skills are exception and sets him apart. Strong and fearless. Doesn't loose his poise under pressure. Newer knocked off his path when attacking the basket Jerrod is fierce and creative from that point guard position. Jerrod could be a mid to low level D1 with all the intangibles a pure point guard needs and the work either to keep elevating his skills . He can impact the game in so many different ways . Jerrod is always up for any challenge he faces out there and a ton of confidence that gives him an edge and swagger when facing those challenges. Can't go wrong with floor general with a passion and love for game witha fire and hunger to do what ever is needed to win despite the competition he faces.


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