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Seam-Slashing Sniper: The Total Package

Avery Sanchez


 , Instagram: avery.sanchez_24 , 6’2” 165, c/o 25 from Pitman High School , CA is an electric athlete that is quick and crafty that can really get in the seams like a hot knife through country butter. Adding the quick stop on a dime pull-up jumper is a defense killer. Avery is  a loud, competitive guard and a dynamic playmaker . He can shoot that silky smooth rainmaker from downtown with no space . Avery is also very effective gobb;ing up boards and he is a stingy defender.

This past season Avery averaged19.5 points,, 7.1 rebounds,, 4.1assists 2.1 steals 2.0TO, while shooting 49%fg, 40% from 3, 87%ft .This stud does it all for his team on a high level. Playing AAU for Rose City Ballers 17u Avery has goals fre to improve his defensive ball pressure, offensive reads, and win games The most motivating thing that happened last season was seeing his teammates joy after winning a league championship and that pushes him forward to get back to that level for that thrill of victory one last time. Avery's goals going into next season are to re-break our schools win record and make a run into section playoffs.

 Avery's need to beat the person in front of him fuels my fire on the court the most. That competitive drive to outperform for his opponent and get the win is intense. Avery steps on the court with a mission, do whatever it takes to get that dUB and he aint taking no prisoners. And he handles adversity by taking a second to sit back and recognize the hours of work put in leading to that moment and contemplate if whatever he is frustrated about is important when weighed against those hours of work.  

A coach can expect a competitor that loves to win and will do whatever it takes to do so Avery will bring energy and hustle every second. Avery isn't locked in on a division level but hungry to play at the next level in a system he can compete , grow and thrive Avery is already recoeving D1 intrests and looking for more. Any team that wants a proven leader and winner Avery is your man. But the opportunity to play college basketball whether its D1-D3 is alright with Avery , the main goaĺ is to live that dream.Keep an eye on this young star. Every single year he has elevated his game, don't expect Avery to slow down now as one last run on a mission to go out of this level with guns blazing.


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