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Scoring with Swagger : Defending with Determination

Cameron Blivens , @BlivensCameron , 6'2 , 175, c/o 26 from Lipscomb Academy is a solid triple threat scoring option with tight bhandles and crafty moves to free himself up for great shots or strong finishes at the rim. Beautiful touch from deep torching the nets to the tune of a blistering 42% from three land. Cameron has a wicked mid-range game.finding gaps and seams with ease. Contact doesn't knock him off his shot. Drops nice dimes and a defensive stud. Loves taking your cookies turning offense into defense quickly. In the AAU session Cameron averaged 9points, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals and 4 assists per game. playing up a year. Last season Caneron averaged 13 points , 4 rebounds and 3 steals. per game. While being a solid piece to run at the state championship falling in the elite 8. .Cam's biggest improvement was that mid-range game. . Stage is set for another deep run where Cameron's impact will be even bigger. Camden's skillset and high IQ decision making sets him apart as he looks to be another D1 prospect with a high ceiling and tremendous potential to be a special talent when its all said and done. This loaded Lipscomb team is certainly worth a look this season. Gonna be a race to the state yet again, with the goal of cutting down the nets.


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