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Run Away Train

Brock Benson @BrockBenson48 , 6ft, 220, c/o 25 from North Judson San Pierre High School, IN a very physical downhill back that uses  his size and strength and a punishing weapon.and a load to bring down.  Brock has a high IQ and reads the defense extremely well and can make quick adjusts against it. Brock also excels at run blocking and pass protection. He may not be the fastest kid on the field but Brock is like a runaway train coming at you full speed as a rusher and a blocker..As a fierce competitor Brock doesn't quit churning till he is on the ground.. 

The biggest improvement Brock made from last season is his agility. After spending countless hours in the weightroom, while focusing on agility and speed really paid off this season. Brock rushed for 1469 yards and 19TDs this season bringing his career total to 3029 yards and 39 total TD. The numbers don't lie and validate just how productive this big, physical back is.

What separates Brock on the field is his winning mindset and his confidence to deliver for his team every second he is on that field adding that to his running ability and play style. Coaches can be confident that Brock will bring 100% on and off the field.That winning mindset pushes him to fight for every single yard he can get and blocking with fire and purpose  all the way downfield with the mission of not stopping his man is on his back or there is a TD or the whistle stopping the play.. Brock lives by the principal , you can tell anybody what you can or can't do  but the proof of your true ability comes from putting in the work to get out there and deliver with your action and play on the field. Gotta grind every single day to see the improvement translated on the field. When considering a school Brock wants to be a part of a team and culture that plays for each other more than individual awards and stats. Those things should come within the system taught within the team concept and play style. Brock is a lock for a D2 at this point but with room to develop and the drive to keep raising his stock. No problem playing a different division level as long as he can continue playing the game he loves..


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