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Rocket Arm: The Duel Threat Genius

Isaiah” Q” Butcher IV @isaiahbutcherIV, 5’10, 179, c/o 28 from Jenks High School, OK is a fierce pocket passer with nice arm strength and accuracy. Never panics even when the pressure is hot on his trail, Q maintains his poise and delivers the pass. But Isaiah is versatile enough to have the ability to pull it down and run with power and speed. Elusive and not easy to bring down. Q sees his skills are like a Cam Newton and Anthony Richardson type. He can throw the ball downfield but if needed, get on his horse and run a good 15-20 yards. When the hole starts to collapse, he can escape and make a pass on the run.

This past season Q had 10 passing TDs while passing for 765 yards to go with that and only 3 interceptions. Q also ran for 200 yards. The biggest improvement from last season was his speed and leadership. Q has been putting in a lot of work this offseason with his speed and agility while focusing on becoming more of a vocal leader on the field. The most inspiring thing was when the varsity coach came up to him and told him personally that he had a lot of potential and told him he would be keeping an eye on him. Q will continue to work on his speed and strength and has already been working on both of those things this offseason. His 40-yard time dropped by a full second as he is now running a 5.16 ( 40).

What fuels the fire I have is haters. When he first got to Jenks, everyone was saying “You too big to play QB” or just calling him names because they were intimated by him. Still hears those words to this day but he doesn't let it get him down but uses those words to help him play better and prove them wrong. Q will handle adversity by ignoring it. These people don’t matter. Instead of letting them get him down, he uses it as fuel to the fire.

What Q brings to the field that coaches can count on every time is that energy. When he steps on the field his teammates and his opponents know what’s up as he walks with my head high. After a bad play, he doesn't get himself down and when his teammates have a bad play, he cheers them up by motivating them. Q sees himself playing D1 ball knowing he can make it. Understanding he just needs to put more work in on the field & off the field. Q is open to playing any division but D1 is most preferred. When he gets on the field you can expect an on-the-field coach. , you can expect a win, and you can expect an outstanding game not only from him but from his teammates.

As this young star continues to put in the work and elevate his game his potential is extremely high and I believe Q is destined for big things ahead. Mental toughness through his adversity will play a huge part in his journey. Remember the name folks, we will be hearing it a lot in the future.


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