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Rise of the Flag Football Phenom

Alexa Patell

12 years old

Tampa, FL

Imagine growing up with one brother who was the team Captain in not one, but THREE

sports. Now imagine your other brother being named one of the top 100 football players

in the United States for the Class of 2028. Think there would be any pressure on you to

also be an incredible athlete? Welcome to the life of Alexa Patell!

Alexa has always loved sports. Having older brothers, everything was always a

competition. They never went easy on her while competing, and that only made her

tough. She began playing flag football a few years ago, and she was only one of a very

small handful of girls who played in a league that was comprised of 95% boys. She had

the most sacks in the entire league! She plays with a relentless tenacity, and she has

zero quit in her.

She also plays WR and made some incredible catches!

This past season, she was only one of a very few 6 th graders to start on her Middle

School Girls Flag Football team who were mostly comprised of 8th graders. She was a

vocal leader and coach who always cheered on her teammates and pushed them to

always give their all. This girl knows more about tackle football, plays, routes and

defensive formations than most boys her age do! She is a coach’s daughter, and she

has sat with him since she was 6 year old watching him break down film. Her Dad and

brothers trained her, and she loved every minute of it!

What motivates Lexi is the natural competitive streak that burns inside her, and making

her family proud. She exhibits a maturity that you would only find in a much older

player. She is the ultimate teammate and will always go out of her way to bring anyone

up who made a mistake. Keep a close eye on this kid! Girl Power!


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