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Relentless Playmaker: Phoenix Rising

Kiara Anderson 

Instagram Iamkiki_4 

5'6 , 123 , c/o 26 from  East Lincoln High School ,NC 

Anderson is an explosive talent that can score at will on anyone, regardless of their size.  She is fierce and she is always in attack mode. She uses her speed , strength and pure heart to get her shots off. No matter the defense or defender you throw at her, Kiara always finds a way to score. But, Kiara is anything but one dimensional. She has a very high basketball IQ and she passes the rock extremely well. Despite her scoring ability, Kiara is quite unselfish and loves to fuel the fast break, getting the easiest scores possible. Kiara describes herself as a “playmaking offensive threat”. Kiaras greatest strength is getting all her teammates involved during games and being able to take control of the game with her leadership.

This past season she averaged 21 points , 6.2 rebounds , 5.2 assists, and 4.1 steals per game.  Kiara said the thing that really motivated her to work even harder in this past offseason, was losing to the same team for the sencond straight time in the state tournament. She wants to get her lick back! Playing for Team Hickory AAU, her goals include helping her team be even more unified, involving everyone and playing for the GUAA Finals. Her ocus areas for this summer include getting into her mid- range more, using more options off a ball screen, focusing on two handed passes, and getting her 3pt percentage up,. She is learning how to take charge, and really working very hard to play great defense, She wants to be even more aggressive and active during off ball defense, and focusing on improving her leadership skills. Kiara's biggest goal going into next season is to try to win a state championship. She plays with a chip on her shoulder and when players talk trash to her, that only fires her up even more.

She stays positive regardless of how the game is going, and she always focuses on staying poised. A coach can expect Kiara to make the right play when necessary, adjust quickly, and even force turnovers which truly sets her apart from other players.

Kiara sees herself playing at the D1 level simply because of her work ethic, how coachable she is, how unselfish she is, and how much emphasis she puts on making the right play. My personal assessment,  without a doubt, is that Kiara is a high caliber level D1 player and will thrive at any school she chooses to play for. Any coach would be lucky to have her on their team.  She defines the words "passion" and "purpose."  "Heart" doesn't even begin to explain this kid. She is the first girl I have ever seen play, that I can very honestly say she has an absolute DOG in her,  She undoubtedly has the potential to be a D1 program changer. I personally could not believe how truly talented she is.  She played FAR beyond my wildest expectations.  This kid's future is BRIGHT! 

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Special K. The real deal!!!

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