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Relentless Marksman: The Ultimate Guard

Peyton Davis Twitter: Pgdavis11, Instagram: peytondavis11, 6ft, 165 c/o 25 Martin County High School, KY is a three-point sniper but loves to get out in transition in fast break action. Peyton has an incredible IQ and is a defensive stud l, tenacious and super aggressive and turns that defense into quick offense fueling that fast break for easy baskets. Peyton plays with a high-energy energy non-stop motor that fuels his team. And he mixes it up well on the boards making Payton the total package and every coach's dream.

this past season Peyton averaged 10 points, 6 rebounds,6 assists, and 3 steals. The most motivating thing for Peyton this past season was losing in the region championship. It made him realize how much harder he needed to work. During this AAU session, Peyton will look to improve on getting to the basket more and getting more shifty with the ball. Peyton's AAU stats are 16 points, 6 rebounds,8 assists, and 4 steals per game. The hard work is paying off. Peyton's goals this upcoming season are to be the best team player he can be and wants to go back to Rupp, determined to work hard to see that they get there.

Peyton likes playing against other aggressive players, it gets his adrenaline pumping and pushes me. Peyton feels you can’t get caught up in what just happened, you’ve gotta shake it off and keep focused. Nobody makes every shot and every call isn’t going to be perfect, you just gotta play on.

Coaches should know Peyton will bring his intense work ethic and his unselfish swagger to fuel his teammates and passion to do whatever it takes to get the win. Peyton feels that the NAIA is a good fit for him. Though he has had a few coaches say higher, but he has been to a few college workouts and seems to really fit in at that level. I assess that Peyton can excel at the NAIA or D2 level based on the defensive side alone. Add his scoring and passing abilities, and Peyton is gonna be a steal for some programs. With his work ethic and coachable attitude the ceiling is much higher than he gives himself credit for. Going to be fun seeing just how this upcoming season plays out for Peyton and we should watch out for a breakout season ahead. Stay tuned.


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