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Relentless Force : The Master Bull Rusher Dominating the Line

Johnnie Willis-Watson (JMike)

14 Years Old

6’1” 260lbs.

Tampa, FL

Defensive Tackle

Class of 2028


Johnnie Willis-Watson is an absolute SPECIMEN. He moves exceptionally well for a Defensive Tackle and if I had to compare him to a player he could absolutely evolve into, it would be another Florida native, Warren Sapp.  Most 14 year old Defensive Tackles will simply bullrush their opponents and get caught up in the hand fighting game with a Center or Guard, but not this kid.  How many 14 year old Defensive Tackles have you seen that know how to use proper leverage, technique and footwork?  How many 14 year old Defensive Tackles do you know who spin, swim and rip to get off an opposing blocker?  This kid does all of that and a lot more.


Watching his film, you will notice a relentless motor.  He is the same player late in the 4th qtr that he is in the 1st qtr.  He isn’t dirty, but he is absolutely violent.  He will run down a scrambling Quarterback, or a Running Back who is trying to hit the outside.  He has the talent right now to play on Varsity as a 9th grader, however he will need to hit the weightroom in order to get stronger, to be able to contend with older, stronger Centers and Guards.


I see this kid becoming a high 4 star and possible 5 star player by the time he enters his Junior Year of High School.  My prediction is he will have offers from every top ten FBS D1 College in America.  He causes absolute havoc in the backfield, and he will have Tampa Bay Offensive Coordinators losing many nights of sleep trying to game plan for him.  The terms “built different” and “DOG” are thrown around a lot, but watch his film and those words 100% describe him.  The future is very bright for this young man, and I could absolutely see him someday playing in the NFL.  Yes, he has the potential to be THAT good.  I will be keeping a very close on him.    


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