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Rebound Revolution

Elijah Bundy @ebundy45 , 6'4, c/o 24 from Clay Co High School, KY that ultimale blue collar stud with a nonstop motor. Tough and gritty and physically imposing.. Elija will his way by force to to the best rebounder in the state . Wipes the glass clean like windex. Elijah has great footwork in the paint with a nice drop step move. Also masters the pump fake to get defenders in the air to draw contact and get the and one opprotunities.. Efficient at the free-throw line. You can write him down for double digits. scoring too. Elijah is very unselfish , if he sees there is an open man after he snags a rebound he will make the right pass for the open shot ,if the post shot isnt avalible. Thats a high IQ at its finest. No body out works him. He found his role and he delivers every time. The dirty wok . Fearless and ready to meet any challlege despite the compettion level. Most importantlly Elijah never gives up on a play. Defensively Elijah is a strong rim protector and shot blocker. Apart of how and why he is the number one rebounder in the state of KY. He is forceing a ton of those misses. Patient enough to get the ball in the right hands to begin the transition game off defensive rebounds. IQ.

Last season Elijah only averaged 5.5 points and 6.5 rebound. Overthe summer Elijah went to work and got strong and faster. And made up his mind he was going to own every ball coming off the rim. He has now doubled boy scoting and rebounding whicj 13.3 points and 16.7 rebounds

Elijah's season goals to cussion gis lead . Elijah's rebounding ability, motor and physicality sepereates him from the pak. Beause of his work eithic and skill set Elijah can play almost andy evel. all the intangables to be an impact player . Elijah is the most intense and fierce in pursuit of those abageners.. Elijah doent care about scoring 40 points but he will do his best to get you 20 rebounds in a game and protect that rim. The ultimate blue collar glue guy and coaches dream.


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