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Push For Perfection

Myles Herro @herromes2, 6'1, c/o 25/from Whitnall High School is one of the best floor generals in Wisconsin. Myles strokes to be the perfect point guard. He can shoot the three or be electric off the bounce with crafty moves and nasty handles. He freezes defenders with crafty moves to get shots off. Strong finisher when he attacks off the bounce. Myles can be shifty and creative. But it's those jaw dropping passes that makes Myles stand out from the pack. He can rise up and hit clutch shots buy is a better facilitator that sucks the defense in case you have to respect his scoring ability. A dazzling display of athleticism captive fans watching him play. Mixing it on the boards as well. This gifted young star led a loaded Herro EYBL team well over the summer and was an amazing facilitator fueling and micro-managing that squad. Understood his role and did it well. Myles's biggest improvement was his leadership role as the facilitator allowing others to thrive off his energy and IQ. Making the right plays at the right time while controlling the flow of the game. Especially tight games down the stretch. His decision-making was clutch on more than one occasion.

Last season Myles averaged 6. 3 points, 4.2 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 1.5 steals. Myles's pursuit to be that perfect point guard will carry over into the upcoming season as he is tearing up the fall league. Setting the tone for a huge breakout season. Myles's role and impact will be needed more this season, myle's is already setting himself apart as the guy who will lead them. Myles is ready for the big moment.

What sets Myles apart is his work ethic, decision-making, and his passing. Myles is a fierce competitor with passion and drive to win. He will give the team whatever he has to get that win. Ad his steps into his own and out of the shadows, you don't want to miss what he will bring. Keep a close eye on Wisconsin and Myles Herro. This young star is going to bring the heat y'all.


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