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Powerhouse at the Plate

John Michael Meier

Twitter:  @Jm2533551377635

Instagram: Jmmeier8



Weight 183lbs.

Class of 2028

St. Henry District High School Erlanger, KY

3.3 GPA


Meier is definitely one to keep a close eye on. The kid can do it all as an overall baseball Jack of All Trades! Last season he had a .333 Batting Average, an On Base Percentage of .723, a Fielding Percentage of .875, and as a pitcher, he had an ERA of 4.737 for the Cincinnati Flames Red. When asked what his biggest goal was for this upcoming season, he said he wants to consistently throw in the 80’s on the radar gun, as well as bring his batting average even higher, aiming for above the .350 mark.


He said he really wants to work on speed and agility which he knows will make him even more of a threat around the bases. Where many kids his age have trouble overcoming adversity, that is most definitely not the case with Meier. This past season, he fell into a bit of a hitting slump, and he was moved back further in the lineup.  However, that only motivated him even more to regain his position in the hitting rotation, which he did.


He is a prototypical hitter who will consistently rip the ball into the outfield, often clearing the bases for his teammates. He thrives under pressure and loves being up at the plate in clutch situations. As a pitcher, he absolutely has the ability to take over a game. He consistently throws strikes and registers K after K. Very rarely will you see him throw bad pitches. He played in the highest level for 14U, which is Triple A. The competition is fierce, and that is what he loves the most. Iron sharpens iron!


This upcoming season, he will be trying out for the 15U Cincinnati Flames. He has been putting in the work and knows that hard work pays off. He knows that playing baseball is a gift, and not everyone is given that gift. There is no sport on Earth that requires the hand eye coordination it takes to hit a baseball. As a batter, you have less than a second to make a decision. The way he handles pressure is by taking a deep breath, taking a walk around the mound or stepping off the mound for a second, to regain his focus and composure.  Keep a close eye on this kid, he is destined for greatness.




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