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Player ofvthe Week Voting

Player of The Week Voting

  • Champ Hayden

  • Preston Luzander

  • Max Booher

  • Luke Shure

Champ Hayden @ChampNation , 6'3 , 170,,c/o 24 from North Hills Christian, NC is having a monster season in breakout fashion. He is the first duel selection for both Player of the Week with am incredible three game clip scoring 118pts and gobbling up 45reb. For Standout Player fir first half of the season Champ is averaging 25pts on 215 made shots (21 threes) and 113 free-throws, 10.7reb, 1blk, 1ast and 2stls per game. Going for 15 double double-doubles so far. That's special yall.

Preston Luzader @LuzanderPreston , 6'6 , c/o 25 is a versitlle wing that beat a defense in more ways thanone. Preston was a scoring machine in the game this week. The huge double-double earned himbthe right to be seen. He is flexing out there . This week Preston was in boast mode going for 26 points, 12 rebounds, with one steal and 2 blocks.

Max Booher , @maxbooher24 , 6'2 , c/o 24 from Greenwood Christian School, IN is an item shooter . A triple threat scoring machine. Max is a great facilitator with a high IQ. But once he heats up , long night for the defense. This week he was rock solid as Max went off for 21 points going 6-7 from (2) , 2-4 from (3), and 3-4 from FT line. That's efficent yall.

Luke Shure @@luke_shure, 6'7 wing , c/o 24 from Union Christian Academy ,AR is a extremely athletic big that is versitlle and down right fierce on both ends of the court. His high motor is non-stop with no plays off . He is a triple threat scoring option with silky smooth touch. Explosive off the bounce and a strong finisher. Luke is elevted his game tremendously last week and ge is making a serious statement . A consistent double-double machine, Luke even took that to another level. Finished with a 86 points, 45 rebounds , 9 assists and 9 blocks in three games. One game he went off for 21 rebounds.

ff fir 21 rebounds. That's high level production and earned him being nominated for Player of the Week.

60-53. He alone had 20 points in the 4th quarter and ended the evening with 33 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 7 steals!

Senior Xavier Shegog at Mount Vernon in Sandy Springs, Ga is leading in double/double games in D1-A.

He is team captain and ready to assist the team to a Championship!

Xavier has recently signed with the University of West Georgia.

Aaron Bolton this week had a gane vs webb one of they rivalry's he put up 33 points 7 reboun

ds 3 steals 2 blocks and hit the game winner from half court with 0.6 seconds left in overtime

Aaron Bolton 2024. 33 points 7 rebounds 2 assist 3 steals 2 blocks and game winner with 0.6 seconds left in overtime. A dog! averages 19ppg 3apg 6rpg

6'7" Grady Payton 2026 from Jefferson City MO (Capital City) - averaging over the last 6 games 11.33 ppg and 5.66 rpg.

Nathan Rodriguez @Nate10Rodriguez , 6'0 , 175 , c/o 25 from Parkersburg High School is in a nice zone right now and on fire out there. This young stud has taken the leadership role of this team seriously. A real game changer. A strong triple threat scoring option but can easily beat you with his high IQ and timely dimes. He has elevated his game that many of feel he ione of the best in the whole gym. These are the stats that hot nate to the Player of the Week. Nate scored 60 points, 15 rebounds and 22 .


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