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Player of the Week Voting (1/29/24-1/10/24)

Voting for Player of the Week

  • Kristopher Hills

  • Eli Williams

  • Jacob Spurlock

  • Cole Lambert

Kristopher " Kris" Hills @Kristo2024 , 5'11 , c/o 24 from Walter Christian Academy, IL was absolutely explosive last week and put on domaniting performances cosistantly. Kris was a man on fire effectively scoring on all the three level , but getting downhill attacking the basket is the fiercest part of his game. But he made his presence felt across the board. Mixing it well on the boards and dropping dimes and turning up the defense. In the last four games Kris has blown up for 112pts, 26reb, 15ast and 16stls.

Eli Williams @Eliwilliams1530, 6'3 , 160, c/o 26 from Heritage High School had himself a solid performce last week leading his team well as they push for the post season run. In must win games this stud has risen for the challenage and continues to elevate his game to impact this team every way he can to get wins. In two games last week Eli went for 50pts, 15reb, 3ast, 2stls and 2blks.

Jacob Spurlock @JSurlock2026, 6'3, 180, c/o 26 from Boyd County High School, Ky is a lethal shoorer with unlimited range is flexing his musle as an overpowering force to be reckoned with. Watching this stud last was was beautiful to to behold against cross town rival Ashland. Cluch shot maker yall. In 7 games Jacob went off for 191pts, 53reb, 10ast, 18stl and 4blk.

Cole Lambert @_colelambert1 ,6 ft, 160, c/o 24 from Wyoming East High School makes his second straight apperace with another monster week. Cole has this team reving and turning up the heat as we near the tournament run. The perfect point guard is amazing at running an effiection controled offense. Has the nastiest schange of pace move i have seen all season. Tough as nails and playing with a little something to prove. AKA the " Little Giant " fits him well. Finished with 150pts, 20ast and 21reb, 5stls in six games. One going for 33pts on 45% shooting. Scrappy defense is a staple you dont see in the stats here but its always an impact in every game.

Luke Shure @luke_shure, 6'7 , c/o 24 from Union Christian Academy, AR is an explosive athelete with a non-stop motor. Had an impressive week with two back to back double-doubles. Ahigh flyer that dazzles everyone catch his show , picture is worth a 1000 words. Finished with 79pts, 35reb, 7ast, 2stl and 2blks in three games.

Trey Jones @Treyxx_12, c/o 25 from Croaton High School,NC was a man on fire and had himself a monster double last game dropping a 40 spot while shooting a blistering 60%. Added 10reb and 3ast. Two prior games averaged18.6pts 5reb, and 3ast.

Cade Capps @raf_cade, 6'7 , c/o 25 from Stone Memorial High School,TN aka " The Punisher" still rolling with yet another impressive week. Living up to his name in two wins as the season is winding down has really hit his stride . In the last four games Cade finished with 155pts , 31rebounds and 6ast. And this season has been specual and why CCade is on this list every week is above.He is more that legit.

Jaiden Gaston of Msgr. McClancy HS in Queens, NY! The 6'1 Senior Guard averaged 23.5 ppg this week in 2 league wins over Salesian HS and Msgr. Farrell. 12 times he has scored over 20 points in a game this season.

Cooper Davenport @CooperDavenpor5 , 5'11 , c/o 25 from HendersonCounty High School, KY is a fierce athlete that can really shot that rock. A triple threat scoring option with strong handles. A crappy defender . He is having a breakout season . During this run Cooper went head to head with KY committ Travis Perry and #2 Lyon County liting them up for 33pts adding 3rebs, 1stl and 1blk in a 78-73 upset win. Also joing the 1000pt club! He finished with 68pts, 9rebs, 5ast, 2stls and 1blk.

Braydon Olson, @braydonolson11 , 6'2 , c/o 24 , from Mark Morris High School, WA is an explosive young athele that in my mind is a one man fast break. Consistantly getting down the court quickly in transition to get shots for himself or others. With great IQ and court vision he can really fuel a high octain offense. Braydon is prolific scorer with a beatuful touch from outside. electric off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Aforce on the boards. Dropping nice dimes and strong defender. In three games Braydon finished with 111pts, 20rebs, 15asts, and 6stls.

Riley Johnson @Riley_Johnson5, 5'10 , 151, c/o 27 from Herbert Hoover High School, WV is a stone cold killer from three. A sniper yall. Almost automatic when it leaves his hands with a silky smooth touch with crazy range. Togh as nails . Scrappy lockdown defender. Puts in work on the boards and can drop nice dimes. In his last three games Riley finished with 45pts, 15rebs, 5stls and 8asts in three games.

Sam Parson @Sam_Parson15 , 6'3 , 185 , c/o 25 from Grundy County High School, TN is another regular with solid performances week in and week out. Consistant and sure. A fierce triple threat scoring option . A beast on the boards, drops nice dimes and Sam is an outstanding defender. Inthe last 6 games Sam finished with 173pts, 64rebs, 33asts,12stls, 12blks.

J' cobi "juju" Mathis , @cobimathis2027 ,5'10 , c/o 27 from St. Augustine Prep,WI has been a terror on the cort as of late. A strong triple threat scoring otion with dynamic performances , has established himself well . And JUJU isnt one defendentional but gets after it on the boards, drops nice dimes and is an outstanding defender. Inthe last 5 games Juju has exploded for 147pts, 23rebs, 15asts, and 33stls.

Chance Hartwell @HartwellChance, 6'1 , c/o 24 fromGeorge Washington High School , WV is another electric little giant that can explode in a flash . Astrong triple threat scoring option with deep range With blow-by speed Chance gets downhill in a hurry. And one the scrappiest defenders in business. He has a three game stretch that was very impressive. In those games Chance finished with 70pts, 7rebs, 8asts, and 9stls.

Kellen Quinnn @KellenQuinn4 , 5'11 , c/o 25 from FCA , TN played with fire and passion to help his team reach the state chapionship round. This lethal sniper with a smooth touch and unlimited range went to work out there. Electric off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Locked in Kellen would not be denied. in the four game stretch leading to this Kellen finished scoring 84pts, 9rebs, and 10ast.

Dominic Pennzello , @dompennz , 6'2 , c/o 25 , from Mt. Siani High School , NY is a strong triple threatr scoring option with nice range but is just ruthless in the mid-rage and fierce finisherattacking the rim. Dominic is aving monster season with 11-20+ games this season. In the last three games Dominc had 75pts, , 25rebs and 11asts.


Parker Watts @parker_watts13, 6'2 , 170, c/o 25 from Tolsia High School , WV has been on fire . No defense gas been to slow him down. From deep threes to high fly dunks Parker has impossed his will any time chose out there . With two back to back 50+ games(54, 55) reconds are falling yall. But Parker is doing more than just being a scoring machine. He is gobbling up boards like candy. In the three game stretch Parker scored 153pts adding 29rebs, 10asts, and 7stls.

Ashton Romney @ashromney_26 , 6'6 , 155 , c/o 24 from Walden Grove High School, AZ is yet another regukar for dominating performances. A triple threat scoring machine. but gets to boards , a dazzling passer and an outstanding defender. Not to mention a high fly rim rocker. 19pts in one game and a massive triple double in another finishing with 24pts, 12rebs, 10ast, 4blks and 4 stls.

Jackson Keene @Jackson_Keene , 6'2 c/o 26 is a tough as nails prolific three point sniper. This sud right here knows he will be face guarded and double teamed all night , yet averages more than 20+ per game. Cant stop the kid, you can only contain him for a short time. In every game Jackson is going to find a way to light up the defense.Jackson is a scrappy defender as well. In a state know for prolific shooter Jackson is #11 in the state in 3point shooting. In his last three Jackson finished with 63pts, and 7reb with at least 13 triples from downtown.

Jason Britton @jasonbtitton24 , 6'2 , c/o 24 from North Greene High School,TN "AKA" The Machine, is now playing like a man on a mission. Closing in on the all-rime County scoring record .That record will fall. This team has rallied around their leader and its game on. I n every limited minutes Jason has been on fire out there. I. The last 4 games Jason has lived up to his name dropping 129pts, adding 7reb, 9asts,9stls and 1blk unofficially. Yall keep an eye on North Greene cause there is a little extra fire in his eyes.

Malaki Long c/o 2024


Attends Carolina International




12.3 PPG

1.9 APG

3.2 RPG

2.1 SPG

Currently help leading his team to two conference wins this week with a 13-7 record in the conference.

Roman Kellum @romankellum1 , 6'6 , 190 , c/o 25 from South Charlston High School an imposing force these last few games averaging a double-double. Gave us a couple of poster jams along the way.Unstoppable and a game where he was 9/9. Roman is tunning up at just the right time as the tournament draws near. In four games Roman finished with 77pts, 42rebs, 2asts, 1stl, and 7blks.

Keagan Swope @keaganballer21 , 5'11 , c/o 24 from Nelson-York High School, OH is an electric youg stud that plays with that high motor and fuels his team. This gem is triple treat scoring option and the perfect facilitator running this offense well. Keagan is one the most unselfish starts out getting it done within the flow of the offense. As Keagon gears up for one last tournment run he already bringing out there with both guns blazing.. In the last 5 games Keagan has flat been going off finishing with 102pts, 35rebs, 25asts, 23stls, and 1blk.

Marc Anthony @MarcAnthony0742 , 6'6 , c/o 26 from Johnson High School, TX has been a triple threat scoring machine. Torching the nets from deep and being explosive off the bounce attacking the lane. Talk about finishing strong. In the last two games Marc went foe 60pts 7rebs, 3stls and 4blks. Marc joined the 1000 point club during this run.

Maki Cary @makicary3 , 5'10, c/o 25 from TVHS, WV is yet another dominate prolific scoring machine. A triple threat destroyer, getting the shots he wants, when he wants challenging any defender to stop him . Maki is playing passion and purpose. They will be tough out. In a four game run Maki finished with 112pts, 21asts, and 3stls.

ChampHayden @Champhayden24 , 6'2 from N orth Hills Christian School,NC is still naking it look easy out there. Owning every team hewants. Champ is a match-up nightmare as a triple threat scoring option with nice speed to blow right by. Strong, athletic and scrappy. Champ is a double-double machie. A prolific scorer and a glass eater. In the last three game run Champ finished with 104pts, 39rebs, 6asts, and 2stls.

Braylon Ward @Bward_10 , 6'1 , 160, c/o 27 from Union Educational Complex, WV is another prolific scorer out of WV and the #5 ranked scorer in the state . Crafty and creative while staying in the flow of the offense . Loves getting in seams and has a lethal mid-range game. Nice handles. Thread the needle passer. Mixes it up on the boards well. This young stud is specail and already has set himself apart from the pack. In the last four games Braylon finished with 86pts, 28rebs, and 22asts.

Travis Grey Jr @TravisGreyJr1 , 5'10 , c/o 27 from Jefferson High School, TX is a true phenom playing varisty ball at a very high level. GTravis is explosive off the bounce and shifty yall. Sick handles and freakish athletism. A jaw droping passer . Mixes it up on the boards and is a ruthless defender. In the last three games Travis went for 91pts,22rebs, 9asts, and 4stls.

Esmer Madesko @EsmerMadesko , 6'1 , c/o 24 ,from North Springs High School , GA is a electrifying athlete that wows with speed , sick handles and athletism. A fierce triple threat scoring option but can dish the rock well with te beast, As the tourney rolls on Esmer hit the court on fire playing like a man among boys. Now has led his team to deep into regional play while earning 1st team all -region along the way. In the last 5 games Esmer has sent a strong message finishing with 143pts, 23stls, 22rebs, 3bls, and 4 drawn charges.

Gavin Loper @gavinloper3 , 6'3 , 175 , c/o 24 from Westmoore High School , OK is a high energy stud with a nonstop motor that battles hard on both ends . A fierce dynamo that can score, rebound , pass and play solid defense. Gavin put on a nice performance in the last four games doing blue collar work stuffing that stat sheet. Finished with 63pts, 9reb, 7asts, 1stl.

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Braylon Ward 🏀


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Lots of luck Braylon Ward!


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Keep reaching for the stars Braylon, stay dedicated, always stay true to yourself and your passion!


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Braylon Ward.


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Braylon ward! 🙌

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