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✨️Player of the Week✨️

Noah Payne @_noahpayne112 ,6'2 with a 6'7 wingspan, 165, c/o 24 fromThe Peddie School,NJ is an explosive athlete that had himself a breakout season. Noah is a true point guard that can flat out score on all three levels.. And with those long arms he is a tough cover for any guard. Add his athleticism and strong ball handling to that and opponents quickly realize Noah is a problem . One of his strengths is his ability to read the floor and pick spots and use his high IQ for quick decision making on knowing the perfect moments to get the ball out of his hands or make game winning plays shooting the ball. Noah prides himself on his defense as well welcoming the challenge of guarding the opponents best player. .Noah is also putting in the work on the boards.

Playing in the EYBL circuit is a statement of how gifted he truly is. Noah's favorite highlight  in the AAU session was beating Team Takeover in their last tournament of the year and overall winning tons of games with those memories with his teammates he will never forget. Noah's biggest improvement heading into this season was learning to be the perfect floor general and how to run a team like a well oiled machine. Also Noah focused hard on improving his 3 point consistency and playing off two feet more.. Noah's goals coming into season were  continuing to elevate these skills were also his goal for the season while helping his team make a deep tournament run of course. His stats for the season were 25 points, 8.5 assists, 8 rebounds and 4 steals per game. His achievements were 5 triple doubles, 10+ double-doubles, PSIT MVP, Mercer Invitational All-Tournament team, Scholar Roundball Classic Standout . 

What separates Noah from the crowd is his ability to pack the statsheet impacting the team in every phase of the game on both sides of the ball to help get the win. No one will out match or out work his mentality and passion that he brings to every single game. My assessment is Noah is certainly a D1 talent possessing that "IT" factory to dominate games and be an instant impact. Noah possesses traits you just can't teach but is natural raw abilities that can put his stamp on every game. But he is open to other division levels. 

Noah's biggest challenge was just staying locked in when teams were trying to wear him down throwing multiple defenses at him.And at times he felt the effects at the end of the games.His toughest opponent was Blair Academy who were so disciplined and well coached.while being very deep and ran their game plan against him very effectively.If this team stays healthy they can make a deep run and compete with any team out there. The team chemistry is very good and they complement each other so well any of them can be hard to cover. And with Noah running the show they will be a tough out. This team has a bunch of dogs that are talented, unselfish and determined. They have a mission and anyone in their way needs to beware of exactly what they want to accomplish, understanding that they aren't taking any prisoners.


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