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✨️ Player of the Week ✨️

Ashton Romney @ashromney_26 , 6'5 , 155 , c/o 25 from Walden Grove High School electric athlete is having a breakout season, nearly averaging a double-double. This young stud is cold out there as a lethal triple threat scoring ability. But his calling card is a ruthless pull-up mid-range jumper, the lost art. But don't sleep on his silky smooth rainmaker that makes him such a touch cover. With tight handles and crafty moves off the bounce Ashton will blow right by dfenders to try to play him too tight outside and with the right seam he can be a fierce finisher at the rim. Ashton is a skilled playmaker and master at creating shots for himself or his teammates. What makes him even more dangerous is his high IQ and that blowby speed off the bounce which opens up the whole court to him and suddenly like a kid in a candy store Ashton's eyes light up and he goes to work punishing the defense at will. Once he hits the lane cutting teammates know he can deliver some dazzling passes . If the defense doesn't slow him down , Ashton loves to throw down some monster jams. His second biggest strength is gobbling up boards and wiping the glass clean like the windex man. A scrappy rebounder who is hungry to snatch every single board he can get his hands on. Wiry enough to constantly be around the ball like a magnet.

Last season Ashton averaged 21.3 points, 6 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 3.5 steals and 1.2 blocks per game. In the AAU session Ashton's favorite highlight was dunking on a 4 star recruit. This season Ashton has elevated his scoring and rebounding averages up to 22 points per game and 9 rebounds a game. This last tournament run that won Ashton this award where he averaged 22 points and 10 rebounds and in the last game managed a triple double with 23 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. His main goal this season is to lead his team to the playoffs and make a deep run at the state championship while averaging a double-double.

Ashton's length and sneaky athleticism with that ruthless mid-range jump shot sets him apart from other players around him. Using his length in order to get to the rim and draw fouls helps him get easy points from the free-throw line. Ashton's IQ keeps him moving well off the ball to set up easier shots for himself and that cort vision helps him maximize that same ability to fuel his teammates and sparks energy and hustle knowing he will deliver timely passes. Ashton is coachable and has a relentless work ethic . Uses criticism as a tool to improve his craft fixing any weakness or flaws in his game as instructed by the coach even if it's through criticism. His mentality is to use it constructively . Ashton should thrive as a low to mid-major D1 talent or be a superstar on the D2 level with everything he can bring with that length. Yall gotta see this diamond shine as he is a true young star soaring to new heights this season.


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