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✨️Player of the Week ✨️

Sam Parson @Sam_Parson15 , 6'3 , 185 , c/o 25 from Grundy Co High School in TN is our very first Player of thr Week winner and it is well deserved. This Dynamic combo guard can literally do it all out there. His skills are dazzling to watch in real time. With speed , athleticism , leaping ability and high basketball IQ makes him a match-up nightmare. Opponents have to consistently double tram or face guard Sam just to slow him down but h finds was to still thrive and excel despite what any team has thrown at him this season. Sam's stats for last week that won him this award were 66pt, 26reb, 6ast, 8blk and 4stl in 2 games including 28pt, 12reb, 2ast, 3stl and 5blk against the #4 team in the state.

Sam's feels of the week were to shine like the noonday sun against some of the best teams in the state and boy did he deliver on that. Sam feels he couldn't ask for anything more that thriving among the best of best out there. When facing the double team Sam is poised and never panics. This is the definitive moment when his high IQ comes to the forefront and Sam makes the right plays consistently. He remains calm under pressure and punishes the defense nlby hitting open teammates with the perfect pass understanding if two are locked in on him , his goal is to find that open man and it fuels his team. With incredible court vision he doesn't disappoint and drops that perfect dime. Even under the toughest of situations Sam never looses his cool remaining calm and focused on the mission of the moment of making game winning plays. Sam also plays at a fast pace but says under control. That ability helps him be explosive getting into seams quickly and decisively and either knock down the open jumper and with fierce athletism finish at the rim.

What we should take away from Sam's performance is his ability to be effective in any game and he will do everything in his power to be effective on both ends of the floor to help deliver that win. If he isn't shooting well Sam still finds other ways to score and be a huge impact in the game. He will find other ways to score like crashing the offensive boards and getting easy put backs or free-throws due to his aggressive style of attacking the rim. Sam's message moving forward in the season is simple, he is not satisfied. Sam is still hungry to win more games. Him and his teammates at Grundy Co are on a mission to win the state title and won't be satisfied till they do. Anyone standing in their way need to know they are coming and taking no prisoners. Nothing will stand between them and their goal that they are willing to battle through. That's passion and purpose yall.

Sam is dreaming of playing for the orange and white here in TN and a special visitor was in the stands last week to scout Sam to see first hand if he has the stuff. Greg Polansky, an assistant coach at the University of TN saw first hand Sam is well qualified to play on that level ,which is huge for his recruiting. Statement made and it was a dream come true for Sam to see him sitting in the stands just to watch him play. The reality of how important it is to have a high major division 1 coach in the house is massive. And from his dram school monumental. After the game Sam spoke with Greg and it was yet another defining moment for him. Greg was as nice of a guy you find and though this small talk conversation may not have meant much to others it meant the world to Sam and left him in a WOW moment. Sam soaked up the opportunity to learn and grow from that conversation from a successful next level coach. The evidence of Sam's skills has already spoken loud and clear and now validation is before his eyes. Sam my boy this honor for me is special too. What privilege to see your talent continue to shine and skills still develoing .This young star is special and his high ceiling will take him to great heights. Remember the name I tell ya and get to Grundy Co. You will be glad you did.


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