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Phenom Prodigy: Dominating Every Court Phase

Myler Colegrove , 5'7 , c/o 2030 from Beltry Middle School, Pike County ,KY is a prolific scorer already. She dominates every group she faces on the middle school level even when facing older players. A phenom or girl prodigy that led her middle school team to the county championship in the 6th and 7th grade group and 2nd  place in the 8th grade group. Myler was also a beast on the boards.   Myler averaged 22 points and 8 rebounds per game this season earning AllTournament and All County honors for Pike County. What's amazing about it  is she is a point guard.  During the season she had a high game of 31 points while  knocking down 7 threes(6 in a row), But Mler is versatile as she is equally aggressive attacking off the bounce and a fierce finisher. But she is known for her defensive tenacity. Still Myler is able to drop some nice passes with thread the needle accuracy. .

Myler plays AAU for WV Thunderwith both the 6th and 7th grade divisions. She also plays for MKU out of Akron/Cleveland Ohio.Myler has already earned several MVP awards last year with her travel team and the stage is set for even more this session. Myler is aggressive and physical on both ends of the court and is well known for her scrappy play. Bring energy, passion and grit with a strong will to win. Her high IQ  and cort vision sets her apart in addition to all the skills she displays. Even for kids beyond her age. No one will outwork Myler even when she faces odds that seem to be stacked against her. and her team. Last season Myler was the only 5th grader chosen for the D&D All-Star Tournament in Pike County. Off the court Myler is a humble little lady the moment she steps on that court they call her the beast . Myler has been chosen  for MVP multiple times by D&D Sports. The most memorable moment for Myler this season was knocking down a half court bombat the buzzer(actually it was past half court  at the volleyball line on the opposite side of the court.).

This upcoming season Myler plans to train with the high school team to increase her speed and agility. Myler already works out everyday  either playing pickup ball with high school kids and adults, shooting with her dad or practicing with a local travel team, A & E.Dream Team. No days off. . Mylers goal is to play point guard for the high School team next season at Belfry. With clear understanding she has to increase her weight, strength and speed  and is up for the challenge. Myler has the plan to do intense speed weight lifting, running, and working on her shooting skills. Another goal is to win the County Middle School Championship and return to the State Championship. and win that too.

Myler has been playing since she was 4 years old and  by age 5 she began training with Ages Training  in South Charleston, locking in on being serious about the game of basketball. Her trainer Shawn Lewis was a great mentor always pushing Myler and helping her reach her full potential even then. Mylers ultimate goals are to play D1 basketball en route to the WNBA. But even if Myler doesn't make it to the league she will be somewhere playing this game she loves so much.  My assessment is Myler will certainly continue to excel and give herself a strong chance to live both dreams with that intense work ethic and drive to succeed and non-stop improvement and development. The path to KY greatness is before this young phenom. I'm so hyped to enjoy this journey as it continues to unfold. . Stay tuned. 


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